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VSG on 03/01/12
 Today I ran to Boston Market to get a kids meal for lunch, I ate not even halfe the chicken and a few bites of the sides or corn and creamy spinach.  Well, after that I got a serious case of the foamies and stood over the toilet for about 10 mins spitting.  I thought it was going to come up.  How long does it take you guys to eat.  I'm enjoying the weight loss of course, but the eating sucks.  I want to go back to 2 shakes a day, but I hate them.  I guess I'm going to have to suck it up because eating is not working for me right now.

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on 5/15/12 3:25 pm
I was about 8 weeks out, maybe 10, when I went back to shakes for a few days. Food just wasn't sitting well in my stomach at that time and instead of fighting it, I went back to full liquids and softs and shakes for a week or so. It really helped me get back on track introducing foods back into my diet.

Since then, I've introduced food more carefully and all has been well (except the one time I ate raw carrots with my lunch and got the foamies - the one and only time!).

Try the shakes and some soft foods. Hopefully, you'll feel better in a day or two.

Carla Hitz-Peer
on 5/16/12 1:39 am - Union City, MI
VSG on 04/11/12
 Back to basics is always my way...if I feel yucky I go back to liquids til I get feeling better...just a wise thing to take it back to square one and start over...
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 foamies happen when you eat to fast or overeat ( I have done it to myself about 4 times) I am such a fast eater. My advice try to slow down( very hard to do for me) I suggest keep trying with food just concentrate on slowing down.I find when I am talking I eat faster so I bring up conversations then let everyone else speak while I eat.
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