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NSV! I made it through...

on 5/21/12 12:35 am - Raleigh, NC
a time of frustration when I would normally stuff my face with food!!  It was so much harder than I thought it would be but I just kept telling myself that the person I was frustrated with wasn't worth me sabotaging my health.  I took a very deep breath, talked myself down and after a while it was over!  I was so proud I didn't give in to the food for this.  I wasn't at a place I could take a walk or anything so I had to go to Plan B (which I didn't have and had to come up with on the fly). 

It's very rewarding when you can get yourself through something like that and stick to the journey.  I feel stronger for that incident and know it's a baby step toward more inner strength and health.

on 5/21/12 2:22 am - ME
  Awesome job!!!  Each time you're able to get through a difficult situation without turning to food, the easier it gets.  Keep up the great work!!

HW (recorded) 323  Start of Journey 298.9  SW 263.6  CW 177.8  GW 180 
on 5/21/12 6:13 am - TN
 WAY TO GO!  Thats the way to not only rock your sleeve, but your weight loss.


 160 lbs lost. Surgeons Goal Reached in 33 weeks.  My Goal in 37 Weeks.

VSG: 11/2/2011; LBL+Thigh Lift+BL: 10/3/2012; Brach+Mastopexy:  7/22/2013

on 5/21/12 6:21 am - Raleigh, NC
Thanks you guys!!