Sleeve for low BMI?

on 6/4/12 12:21 am - Edmonton, Canada
VSG on 06/26/12
My sis is anxiously waiting for an answer from Dr Aceves. She sent in her application last night and is now checking her email every 15 minutes, hoping she can travel with my husband and me and get a sleeve too.

Her worry? Her BMi is only 32 and she has no comorbidities. Are there any people out there who've been approved for a self pay sleeve with a BMI that low?


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on 6/4/12 12:26 am
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 I'm not totally sure on this, but if I remember correctly, my doc. does VSG on people with a BMI of 30 or above.......

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 If she is self pay I wouldn't see a problem with that. 
on 6/4/12 12:32 am
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I was 33 and approved with no questions asked. I do not have any co morbidities (yet) but was on cholesterol medicine with a family history of heart disease. I was at a 35 though and was able to lose quite a bit through diet the 6 months prior to filling out the application and getting approved. Ive flucuated between 35-30 for the last 15 glad that rollercoaster has come to a complete stop!!
on 10/30/15 2:21 am

What surgeon did u use?

on 6/4/12 12:40 am
My mom had a BMI of 30.5 and they did it no problems.
on 10/30/15 2:15 am

that is great news for me, I have struggled with my weight for 5 years and i have a bmi of 30.5 I also have had high blood pressure for 6 years and im only 27. im in houston tx, can u please tell me what doctor did her surgery?

Donna B.
on 6/4/12 2:08 am
i had the sleeve with a BMI of 29! 

Having the vsg in my case has turned out to be the most effective, healthiest, safest approach for weight loss, and after 45 years of yo-yo'ing, i can say my weight loss is going to be permanent.  The vsg helped tremendously in getting control of my addictive eating.

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