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Clear liquid protein drinks

Zacki F.
on 6/7/12 2:29 am - LA
VSG on 06/12/12
What are the best clear liquid protein drinks for the 2 day post-op?



on 6/7/12 5:33 am - Olathe, KS
VSG on 02/20/12
does your surgeons plan require only clear protein drinks?

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Zacki F.
on 6/7/12 5:46 am - LA
VSG on 06/12/12
It requires only clear liquids but he said I need to still get about 60-80 grams of protein daily.  I only need the clear liquid protein drinks for 2 days.



on 6/7/12 9:46 am - MI
I have to do clear for two weeks except I can have "No sugar added" Carnation Instant Breakfast. I am using "Bariatric Advantage Protein Elixir". I bought grape and berry flavored at my surgeon's office. I have to say I will be so glad to not have a sweet, fruity flavored drink. I am also drinking chicken broth around lunch and supper to get a break from the sweet stuff.

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on 6/7/12 9:53 am - Edmonton, Canada
VSG on 06/26/12
I get to do 10 days of clear fluids after my surgery with the same protein requirement. I've bought a shaker bottle, vanilla and unflavoured whey powder and lots of flavours of Crystal Lite.
For times when I just can't bear another sweet sip I bought chicken and vegetable Better Than Bullion, both of which taste a heck of a lot better than powdered broth.


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Ms. Poker Face
on 6/7/12 10:48 am
Clear liquid protein that I'm aware of include: Isopure from GNC (gross, but mixed it half and half with water and it was fine), Syntrax Nectar ( start with a sampler pack so you know what you like) and Cytomax (not sure where to buy it).


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Zacki F.
on 6/11/12 12:49 am - LA
VSG on 06/12/12
Thanks for the suggestions.  I did find the Isopure from GNC and thank goodness I only have to do the clear liquids for 2 days following surgery then it's on to the protein shakes.