Has anyone else had a white coating on their tongue after surgery?

on 6/23/12 1:24 am
I had surgery almost 5 days ago and this morning I have a nasty white tongue film.  I am doing everything I am supposed to do and I don't have a fever and I am worried about this being some sort of infection.  Has anyone else had this problem?
on 6/23/12 1:27 am - Buckeye, AZ
 I did.  I don't remember how soon after surgery, but it was gross.  Of course I had to have a dental appointment around that time and it was not lovely to show off.  I brushed the tongue for a few days and it went away.  I forget the reason for it but I don't believe it was concerning. = ) 
on 6/23/12 1:53 am - Four Corners, NM
maybe candida (thrush)..yeast overgrowth   bad bugs dig dark warm places and sugar...even if its fake sugar.
all sorts of things weird 'bad bugs" related issues start croppin up in VSG  after IV antibiotics.

See your doc for sure...to diagnose  may give ya a NYSTATIN swish...kinda roll it around in your mouth poof thrush gone.

Some home remedy type deals for thrush..wash mouth out with soap...lol  no... apple cider vinegar, yogurt, or  coconut oil. (I like this one the best!!).

Make sure you get rid of your toothbrush or disinfect in vinegar a bit of hyro peroxide in between brushin....cuz yer toothbrush is now contaminated! and ya may re-intro candida if it is indeed candida! 

Can use like Candida Clear by Now...every now and again .....takes longer

so important you look into a COMPLETE MULTI-STRAIN PROBIOTIC ...with as high a count and as many strains as you can find.  Take for 2 months feed em some fiber everyday (SF metamucil even) so they colonize n multiply....and your immune system (70% in large intestine) will LOVE YA!! 

Very wide selection of COMPLETE probiotics and also candida clear...at VitaminCottage/Natural grocers, VitaminShoppe, health food stores...online  lotsa places. 
on 6/23/12 2:09 am
Thanks a ton!  I have a doctor's appointment on Monday and I will ask if it doesn't clear up over the weekend or I will call my dentist and see what he says.  Thanks again.
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on 6/23/12 10:57 am - TX
 Old School Gentian Violet out of the pharmacy section in most stores will cure it up in just one dose. It does turn your mouth a weird purple for a few days but you won't get it again. http://www.livestrong.com/article/440710-gentian-violet-oral -thrush/

on 6/23/12 3:37 am
 Thanks for asking this question.  I have been dealing with the same thing and it is super annoying.  Not even Listerine has helped.  I will talk to my doc about this too.