weight loss stall 1 1/2 weeks after surgery

on 7/6/12 11:25 am
I have stayed the same weight now since 1 1/2 weeks after surgery i have not lost any additional weight for a week! What is it going to take for me to start to loose weight again? Its very depressing and makes me feel like i had the surgery for nothing.
on 7/6/12 11:31 am - OH
VSG on 01/23/12
I did the same thing. Its just the three week stall a little early. Please try very hard not to let it mess with your head....because it will if you let it.  Just stick to your plan and you will start to lose again. Your body is just readjusting itself.  You shocked the heck out of it.  This early delay is weight loss is quite common.
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on 7/6/12 12:05 pm
VSG on 06/26/12
I am a couple weeks out and I am hoping any halt in my weightloss will be short.
on 7/6/12 11:54 am
Thank you so much for your help. I need to keep thinking positive.
jennygalthin n
on 7/6/12 11:57 am
same thing happen to me; but I apparently was losing inches.. take your measurements and see how you stack up; I just stuck to the plan... drink more water.. and continue to exercise... It will come off... I know it is very frustrating I was there. but I am a very slow loser but I am down from 22W to size 16 ... no W... there is hope ... stay the course ..
on 7/6/12 12:22 pm
Im in the same boat... And I had a lot fluid put on me after surgery.... So I'm trying not to stress about it now and I'm sticking to the plan...
on 7/6/12 12:29 pm
It's hard at the beginning because we are so anxious to see some results. The surgery is a shock on the body and it takes time to adjust. Stalls will also happen now and then as the body re-adjusts itself. There are changes going on inside and the scale will show weight loss soon. If you get too frustrated, put it away. It's so hard to do that I know. What generally happens is that when the weight loss slows, you will lose inches. Take your measurements, try on old clothes that were too tight before. Take some photos too. It can take a while for the brain to catch up with what we see in the mirror.

Hang in there...stick to your plan and you will see results soon!
on 7/6/12 12:33 pm - Southfield, MI
VSG on 03/01/12
 Same here!

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on 7/6/12 12:41 pm - NV
I just keep telling myself I can't control what I weigh. I can control what I eat , and how much I exercise. I keep following my plan and in time the weight will follow.
on 7/7/12 2:50 am, edited 7/7/12 2:50 am - IL
VSG on 06/21/12
I am feeling the same, but I keep trying on old clothes and seeing a little differthce and that helps some. But I can relate to your frustration! Hang in there and keep moving, sipping, and rocking with me! We will boot these pounds outta here!