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on 7/17/12 1:10 pm - IN
I am currently on my pre-op diet for my surgery on July 24th,,,,,  This is a lot harder then what I thought,,,,,   Do you think it would hurt to put PB2 in my protein drinks? 
on 7/17/12 1:14 pm - HI
VSG on 07/11/12
I stil have no idea what PB2 is.

on 7/17/12 1:16 pm
dehydrated, reduced fat, peanut butter powder. You can google it and it comes up with the PB2 website.

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on 7/17/12 1:35 pm - Overland Park, KS
VSG on 07/09/12 with
When in your nutritionist! Good luck with your preop diet! Surgery will be here before you know it
on 7/17/12 1:59 pm
VSG on 06/25/12 with
 I used it pre-op but haven't used it since my surgery.  I would double check with your nutritionist to be sure.  Despite sticking to my all liquid pre-op diet for the 10 days, my doctor said my liver was still large and fatty.  :(  i was SO disappointed.  Makes me wonder how much bigger it was before the pre-opp diet.  Yikes!