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does medicare/medicaid pay for tummy tuck or body lift?

on 7/21/12 3:58 am - northwood, OH
 hi i have medicare and medicaid. will they pay for a tummy tuck or body life also arm lift>
i had the sleeve 2008. i get rashes all the time from the tummy and also very bad odor from it. i weight 333 down from 450. 
email: [email protected]

on 7/21/12 7:31 am - Edmonton, Canada
VSG on 06/26/12 with
I have no idea about whether your insurance will pay for plastics, but I'm an old hand at dealing with rashes and smelly, breaking down skin under a hanging belly.
For quick relief pat Gold Bond powder on the whole underbelly area after washing and gently patting dry before bed. It'll be feeling much better by morning, but you aren't done.
Start laying a folded cotton hanky (cheap at WalMart - I keep a stack in my drawer) into the underbelly crease, after showering and drying off, when you get dressed in the morning. Keeping the skin very clean and dry will prevent the skin breakdown and smelly rashes from happening.


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on 7/21/12 10:26 am
RNY on 05/07/12 with
 You are absolutely right!  I thought I was the only one who did this.  Keeping the skin dry is the key.  I also have had to do it under my breasts also.  It works wonders, especially since the breasts want to keep falling and falling!!!  Take care, Jane
on 7/21/12 7:43 am
Gold bond powder is awesome!!!
Also keep it cool n dry helps!

As for your initial question; my friend had TT done on Medicaid.
It was 6 months of docs for rash meds, infections.
This had to be tracked & noted for the insurance to cover.

Unsure if the time varies state to state but good luck