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(Local??) Quest Bars?

on 7/24/12 7:07 am
VSG on 04/23/12
 Do any regular stores sell Quest Protein Bars Local?? If so where, just didn't want to buy them off line!


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on 7/24/12 7:13 am - CA
I understand that Vitamin Shoppe carries them, though I don't know if that is chain-wide or just individual stores. Quest does offer them wholesale for retail shops, so other similar stores like GNC may carry them as well.

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Ms. Poker Face
on 7/24/12 7:27 am
I've seen them at GNC, but they only had one or two flavors and you had to buy the whole box.


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on 7/24/12 7:56 am - TX
I can get them at my locat gym. 
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on 7/24/12 8:22 am
My Complete Nutrition has started carrying them.  It is there best selling protein bar! 
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on 7/24/12 8:49 am - Garland, TX
Vitamin Shoppe here has them in 3 flavors.  One is cinnamon roll, which I bought but haven't tried yet. 

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on 7/24/12 8:59 am
VSG on 04/23/12
 I called around GNC doesn't have them by me I was there the other day! I found them at Whole Food... .99cents each or 14$ for a case hope that's a good price going to try one


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Ms Shell
on 7/24/12 9:28 am - Hawthorne, CA
That is an EXCELLENT price!!

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Lee ~
on 7/24/12 10:03 am - CA
 That's a great price. What state are you in?

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on 7/24/12 1:34 pm
VSG on 04/23/12
 I'm in Virginia I went to the Whole Foods Store AND THEY DIDN'T EVEN SELL THEM WHEN I CALLED!!  So I guess it will be on line where I buy them from unless I can find a GNC that has them...


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Lee ~
on 7/24/12 1:44 pm - CA
 Any GNC can carry them. They may not have had a request yet. Ask them to order or you.

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Lee ~
on 7/24/12 10:02 am - CA
 GNC is $24.99 with Gold Card.  Buy a case and the price goes down to $19.99 which is the cheapest I have found them either local or online.  I call ahead to order what I want and they let me know when they get it.

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on 7/24/12 10:13 am
VSG on 06/28/12 with
 GNC does have them but in limited flavors.. I have found them on and they have like 15-20 flavors.. They are like $2 a piece. Good luck. 


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on 7/24/12 11:24 am - Santa Rosa, CA
I get mine regularly from Amazon. I know you didn't want to do online, but there is no sales tax and they get to me really quickly. I have not found them locally where I live (northern Cal).

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Lee ~
on 7/24/12 1:46 pm - CA
 I have found them at several GNC locations in the Bay Area.  Ask your location to order or you. They can get any flavor.  They want your business.  $19.99 is cheaper than $2 a bar.

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on 7/24/12 1:59 pm - Santa Rosa, CA
Thanks - I will do that. We just have one GNC here in Santa Rosa but I will definitely check with them. Quest bars are a staple for me cheaper is always better!

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on 3/31/14 4:09 am

Most GNC stores sell them, but they can be expensive.

If you look online you can find websites that are much cheaper, even with delivery included.

I regularly look for online sites that offer the best value; you can try here:



on 5/14/14 2:55 am

I buy mine online as I found the pricing in store is too expensive for me.

Best price I have found is via:

on 5/14/14 3:00 am, edited 5/14/14 3:01 am - Denver, CO

Go to and put in your location to see the stores near you that sell them. I order from Quest because the boxes and bars (and carb-free pasta) are the best price and they always include a free sample bar or two. Plus, there are tons of free shipping codes online that will work. Try ONAQUEST or HERO for free shipping. If you order 12 or 6 single bars, you get a discount price. 

GNC by me carries them in a variety of flavors-however,they are always a bit melted or old tasting. In my opinion, order directly from Quest for the freshest bars. I don't think other stores know how to keep them fresh.


on 5/14/14 4:42 am - TN
VSG on 01/14/14

Our Smoothie King sells them and they have almost all of the flavors that you can buy individually.  It's pricier but it keeps me from stocking up and having too many around.  I use them when I'm working and don't want to start them as a habit.  


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