16 days out- dry heaving all day

on 7/28/12 12:38 pm - Anoka, MN
VSG on 07/12/12
 I was feeling sick last night, so I went to bed early. I slept for a glorious 14 hours, then felt fine for awhile. After being awake for awhile, I started feeling sick and started dry heaving. It lasts about 3-5 mins and happens about every 3-4 hours. My stomach has been doing weird hiccup-y things and I dont know if that is a cause or the result of dry heaving. I took an anti-nausea med (Doc sent it home with me) and it seems to have helped, but it started dry heaving again after 30 minutes or so after taking it.  I'm trying to drink as much water as I can. So far today all I've managed other than water is half a container of Premier Protein. 

I have lost all my appetite, which is saying something, because I was having dreams about food a lot before. Now I can't stomach the thought. 

If anyone has any insight on this, please let me know. Otherwise I'm calling the Dr. office tomorrow if they are open. 


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I can't speak about you being sick but I can about the loss of appetite.  I had surgery last Friday (July 20th) and I still don't have an appetite.  I think that's a good thing because before surgery I never turned down a meal which was a BIG part of my problem.  Now (for now anyway) I'm living off Premier Protein (1 for breakfast and 1 for dinner), SF Jello (snack) and broth (lunch).  Other than that I'm drinking alot of water (not yet up to the 64oz.) but pretty close and walking 3 miles every morning.  Like you, I can't stomach the thought of food.  I good test for me came when I visited my mom recently and the kitchen was full of delicious smelling Puerto Rican cuisine. Of course I turned it down because not only could I not eat it (not because of being  1 week post up) but also because the hunger feeling was absent.  It was a wonderful feeling!  I hope this helps!

Best wishes, Larry

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on 7/28/12 1:13 pm
 It might be acid. Are you on an acid reducer or PPI? Always sit or sleep with a wedge pillow. If you lie flat, and have problems with acid reflux, it could cause the acid to come up into your esophagus, which can cause burping, nausea, and dry heaving. I have experienced this. I am almost 2 years out and still sleep with a wedge pillow, which helps to elevate my head higher than my stomach.
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Nadurra Deb
on 7/28/12 2:17 pm - CO
VSG on 08/06/12
It could also be dehydration making you nauseous and lack of protein. I think you have the right idea talking to your Dr tomorrow for their advice. It can snowball on you fast. I have not had the surgery yet but I have read about many folks with nausea issues and more than not it is dehydration. If you can't get in with your Dr and you can't keep things down or get things in, I would consider a stop at urgent care or ER and ask for some IV fluids. It can't hurt to get you hydrated fast and might just be the thing that helps you turn the corner and get some protein down also.

I have seen this with my sister who has not had WLS but has a body in a similar weakened state and had some major digestion and nausea issues. It's like a vicious cycle...feel sick, can't eat, you get behind on fluids and feel more nauseous. You get behind on protein too and that adds to the problem....can't seem to keep anything down, dehydration sets in pretty quick and makes everything worse. I made my sister go to the ER and ask for fluids because she was so miserable and weak from this downward spiral. She ended up with 2 bags of fluid before she even finally needed to pee! Sometimes they will diagnose you as mildly dehydrated and not give you fluids, but mildly might be too much for us, especially with having a VSG. So we might have to fight for it. For my sister, it really made a difference, not right away but 24 hours later she felt a LOT better and things turned around for the better. Might be worth a try if you can't get in with your Dr.


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on 7/28/12 2:26 pm
 Dehydration is a real possibility as the poster mentioned. You were sleeping for 14 hours. That is a LONG time without fluids and protein. If you can get some Pedialyte that may help, until you can be seen. If it is persisting, go to the ED. Dehydration can be common in the early days post surgery and isn't anything to mess around with.
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on 7/28/12 2:35 pm - Anoka, MN
VSG on 07/12/12
Thanks guys for your help! I'm chugging (ok, sipping quickly) as much powerade zero as I can and it seems to be helping. I will still call the Dr. tomorrow to see what they say, and if it is bad, then I will go to the ER tomorrow.

Thanks for the advice!

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on 7/28/12 2:59 pm
 Good for you!!
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on 7/28/12 3:01 pm - Franklin, KY
VSG on 08/15/12
Yikes!! Definetley call your doctor tomorrow if you continue the dry heaves! Someone I know who got the sleeve recently had to be hospitalized because she couldn't keep anything down. The doctor explained that your stomach is trying to heal right now and every time you are dry heaving/ throwing up that your stomach is going to swell and become very irritated. Try to get down as much fluids as you can, but be careful about pushing yourself too much if it is causing you to throw up/dry heave. Take care! Hope you feel better soon!

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on 7/29/12 1:57 am - Four Corners, NM
 are you able to keep your required vits n mins down?  how are you taking EACH? capsule liquid chewies, gelcaps,  sublinqual, shots, suppositories or pills? 

Whens the last time you took a dump?  

Dehydration is thee #1 reason for a post op ER visit.  Light headed "orthostatic hypotension gettin up from a seated, bending at waist position too quickly? electrolyte /mineral imbalance! fatigue? dark yellow urine? dehydration!

You may have lots more internal swelling than the next joe...

ICE!! SLUSHIES!!....yer protein shakes...semi freeze em, your zero cal sports drinks...SEMI FREEZE
spoon em in...all day long! suck on zero cal sports drinks ICE cubes! 

Electrolyte popscicles from Walgreens/pedilyte pops...in the babyfood section....have ELECTROLYTES!!!  lolol

AS MANY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN TOLERATE!!  don't think about it...just do it!

That icey/slushies...helps reduce internal swelling/inflammation...and helps with NAUSEA!! provide electrolytes n minerals necessary to avoid dehydration! 

IF you can keep this stuff down....without dry heaves/nausea.....cool

if you still have problems keepin that stuff down....major problems ...you must not wait!  get to an ER have them page yer surgeon.

 must have ER peeps NOTIFY YOUR SURGEON! or call your surgeon's exchange before leavin and tell them...IM GOING TO THE ER at x hospital...please notify my surgeon.


on 7/29/12 2:43 am - Brookfield, IL
VSG on 04/16/12
 i know exactly the feeling you are talking about it. For me, when it gets to this point, it is always dehydration. I have to stick to a strict time table for drinking or I forget and before I know it, I have been busy in the garden all day and realize I have not drank. At this point the thought of putting something in my stomach makes me almost dry heave. I know myself and start sipping water and almost immediately I begin to feel better physically. By the time I add a good 20 oz I am much better.  I then add the protein. It is amazing how 30g of protein (my Premier Shake) and 20 oz of water makes me feel human again.