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My weight loss has stalled over the last two weeks, any suggestions.  I am getting 70grams of protein in a day and a half gallon of water.  I am trying to get 800 calories in but I am falling kind of short.  IDEAS please


on 8/25/12 9:23 am - Decatur, GA
VSG on 08/07/08 with
How long ago was your surgery?  

The 70g of protein is great, as is the water.  Well done!  If you are relatively newly post-op, don't have a cow about the number of calories.  Just focus on protein first and green veggies next.  

You don't mention carbs or sugar. Are you staying waaaay far away from simple carbs and sugar?  They are the devil and will potentially cause you to stall.

All that said, don't worry about "resting phases" in your weight loss.  Your body is just catching its breath, and you might still be losing inches ... or not :-)  Just follow your surgeon's dietary rules to a tee, and you will get where you want to be.

Best wishes on your journey!


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on 8/25/12 9:38 am
I almost 2 months post op and I have lost 46 pounds, I feel GREAT however I just want the loosing to start rollings again


on 8/25/12 10:12 am - Edmonton, Canada
VSG on 06/26/12
You ARE still losing fat. You're body is just holding onto water for a bit while it adjusts to the fabulous job you're doing. Stick to your plan and stay off your scale for a few days if you can. One day soon you're going to suddenly drop a few pounds when your body releases tha****er.


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VSG on 07/02/12
I had my surgery on 7/2 so we're probably around the same time post-op. I just broke a stall that lasted for WEEKS! Just stick with your program and the scale WILL move. I'm sure you're losing inches though. I know that my scale #'s didn't change, but my clothes definitely got bigger. Stick with it! You're doing great!

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VSG on 10/10/11 with
 Thanks to the suggestions and advice of the helpful members of this board, I was able to quickly get past my stall. I lowered my carb intake (was taking under 20, now taking in under 10) I upped my protein (was taking in 90-100, upped it to over 130) , continued my high intensity exercise, and made sure that my net calorie**** 800 despite what I worked off during exercise.  Within a few days my stall broke.

I believe keeping the carbs as low as possible and keeping your protein high will help tremendously. Doing some form of exercise is also important, whether it be walking for low impact or something a little more faster. What is your surgeons calorie plan like? 

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