Should I convert my sleeve to the gastric bypass?

on 10/14/12 12:50 am - SC
Hello everyone!  I am over a year out from my gastric sleeve surgery.  I have lost and gained since my surgery of course.  My top loss has been approximately 55 lbs.  My start weight was 335 and my current weight is 285.  I am not pleased at all.  The struggles that I had before surgery still haunt me.  I eat whatever I want and have no control over carbs.  I wonder if going to a bypass will help with my restriction.  Does anyone have any suggestions or has gone through this procedure?  Thank you all for your help. 
Julia HasHerLifeNow
on 10/14/12 1:00 am
VSG on 10/09/12
If you are going to look into a conversion then I would suggest looking into the DS rather than the bypass. I am too early in the game to give any advice really but the sleeve is a first step to a DS already. The RNY and the DS won't give you additional restriction but will give you a malabsorption component. The deterrent to eat simple carbs with the DS might be quite strong...there is less longer term regain with the DS. However it does require a lot of commitment to your health and monitoring of your micro nutrient levels. Have a look on or read on the DS forum. It is the Rolls Royce of WLS.

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RNY on 10/26/12 with
 I think the defining statement you made is..."I eat whatever I want and have no control over carbs."

Neither surgery will remove the urges or the desire for you.  Perhaps you need to find out why you can't control yourself when you have a tool to help.  The surgery for sleeve and bypass are not going to be the magic and the weight falls will help, but if you put the wrong foods's not the fault of the sleeve or the bypass.

if you go back to basics and eat protein, very little can lose weight.

Have you considered therapy?

I am scheduled for surgery soon, but I do know if I go back to eating the foods that I eat now, I have no one to blame but myself.  The bypass isn't responsible for what I put in my mouth and I can 
restretch my pouch.


on 10/14/12 1:18 am
VSG on 07/25/12
While a malabsorptive component might help a bit with the loss, because you won't actually absorb all of your calories consumed, it will not fix your compulsions.  No surgery can do that.  I would strongly recommend that you start with a nutritionist and a therapist to help you get through this and get in some good habits.  Good luck!
on 10/14/12 1:18 am - CA
Another vote here for the DS as the next step for a VSG that isn't providing the expected gain, or if regain is a problem. Averages suggest that a move from the VSG to the RNY is a sideways move, as both are very similar in their weightloss and regain characteristics - the RNY has a token malabsorption component, but it is temprorary at best, though its' mineral malabsorption is permanent. Further, the RNY is something of a dead end, surgically speaking, as if it doesn't work for you, there is little that can be done to change it - there are minor tweaks they can do like tightening the stoma or banding a stretched out pouch, but converting it to something more effective like the DS is very compicated, a procedure for which very few surgeons are qualified (Gagner is one, Rabkin is another, and there are a handful of others - assuming that there is enough to work with after the sleeve has been cut up to make an RNY pouch. The downsides of living with the RNY and DS are similar, though the RNY is more limited in dietary and medical treatment options (no NSAIDs for pain relief, for example); both malabsorb some nutrients, with the RNY more fully malabsorbing minerals while the DS only partially malabsorbs minerals but also malabsorbs the fat soluble vitamins A,E,D & K. The vitamins are more readily supplemented than the minerals often are, with many more RNY patients subject to periodic iron infusions than DS patients. The main long term malabsorption of the DS is fats, along with some carbs and protein; overall, it typically moves ones' metabolism back to a more normal state and allows for more normal eating patterns. It is not a total solution to your eating weakenesses - no WLS is - but it is more tolerant of them than other procedures.

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VSG on 03/13/12
My very close friend had GB 2 years ago and have now regained 25 pounds.She visited me recently and she is eating loads of carbs.She is super defensive about this, as well as very unhappy about her weight gain.

I believe that no matter which surgery we have,we have to make the choices for ourselves and somehow deal with the issues that makes us feel so out of control.

You've still got your sleeve.Start working it again.Protein in good portions first.Veggies second.then if you have space for anything else carbs.

Good luck to you and I think if you can just start again,you'll be so glad not to need another surgery!




on 10/14/12 1:58 am - TN
VSG on 06/11/12 with
 See a therapist.  

Your sleeve hasn't failed you.  You're failing your sleeve.  If you really want to lose weight, you'll follow your nutritional plan.  There is no magic weight loss surgery.  It's work, plain and simple.


on 10/14/12 2:09 am - NJ
PoohHag...  you said what I was thinking.

I would not be where I am without going to support groups and seeing a therapist.  

on 10/14/12 3:16 am - Silver Spring, MD
No surgery will work with a non compliant patient. Point blank period.

Even with a DS you have to watch your carb intake and be on top of your vitamin intake. Get in touch with your bariatric team. I'm sure they can help you be successful.
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Ms Shell
on 10/14/12 3:26 am - Hawthorne, CA
The struggles that I had before surgery still haunt me.  I eat whatever I want and have no control over carbs.

Well this right here is a BIG problem.  Please research your options and get soem therapy about your HEAD because no matter the surgery you can and will find a way around it if you don't.

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