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Does a stomach shrink?

on 10/25/12 6:29 am
 Dear Fellow VS friends! It has always been a question on my mind whether a reduced food intake leads to stomach shrinkage. I have experienced and heard others say that after a restricted diet they feel as if their stomach has shrunk and they feel full after less food intake than previously. If medically, physically and biologically this is possible, is there a chance that if I restrict my intake in terms of volume not nutrition strength ( protein and calorie count), will my sleeve get even smaller. In other words if I accustom it by 3-4 oz meals will I do the opposite of stretching it by eating larger volumes? What are your thoughts/ knowledge on this? Is it true or false?
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Julia HasHerLifeNow
on 10/25/12 7:05 am
VSG on 10/09/12
Read this... I don't know if it is the leading authority but seems reasonable to me.

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on 10/25/12 8:29 am - KY
 Yes your stomach can shrink if you don't eat or something that happened to me and it makes you feel like crap. You can't really eat you get sick every time you try and then you end up really weak and it sucks.