on 10/26/12 7:22 pm

Hello! Omg. Stumbled across this today because I'm dealing with COBRA right now...

Anyway - listen, somebody needs to fact check this because it seems too good to be true - but if it is true this could help a LOT of people!!! I know I struggled for 3 years to get insurance that would cover a sleeve and then another year fighting em to cover it once I *had* I know the heartache of that fight.

Anyway, here's my understanding. The government has passed "Obamacare" (not a political discussion, so please, let's not go there) which has a provision that says that in 2013 when everything is fully implemented, insurance companies will no longer be able to deny people coverage for pre-existing conditions.

IN THE MEANTIME - the government has created a temporary solution for people with pre-existing conditions that allows them to get insurance until the new Obamacare rules kick in.


Am I crazy? Am I reading this wrong???

Here's the website:

Here's the .pdf for what is covered and what's not - check page 39:


OMG.   I hope I'm not getting people's hopes up with this...need fact-checkers here!    I sincerely hope this is right and helps people.    
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VSG on 06/01/11 with

My guess would be just because they cover bariatric surgery - they would not have to cover all bariatric surgery.  So they would maybe only cover RNY and band.

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We shall see where this leads...  

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Revision on 03/18/15

you are not completely wrong but not exactly completely right either.


There are still criteria an individual has to meet to be eligible for the insurance pool:

1. have to have a preexisting condition for which you were TURNED DOWN for coverage by a private insurance co  within the last 6 months.An individual can't just call up and say I want to buy this coverage,you know?It does,however,appear to cover WLS,but you have to meet the other requirement first.






on 4/18/13 10:22 am

Hi JoyeuxNoel!  Just wondering how you ended up getting on with this?

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