Craving pickles!!!!!!!!!!

on 12/22/12 12:01 am - OH

When are you officially able to eat pickles?  I am craving them and for two days I ate them.  I am only 3 weeks out.  I chewed them very well.  I guess until Christmas Eve I will only eat the mushed up food I have in the freezer to give my stomach a rest. 

My bowels have not moved for 4 days either and I have gained 1 lb.  I know if I go that will come off plus some.  Or maybe I am in a stall.  I don't know.  Getting closer to getting in 60 gr protein.  Getting liquids in though.


on 12/22/12 12:14 am - IL
VSG on 12/04/12
I'm almost 3weeks out from surgery , and last night gave in and ate a few baby dills. And they were AWESOME! A baby pickle lasts a long time when you chew as much as we do. No untoward effects, and I enjoyed them immensely!
on 12/22/12 12:45 am - Burlington, Canada
VSG on 11/30/12
Hilarious! I was literally going to post something similar about when pickles are okay, as I'm 3 weeks out too and have a jar of garlic baby dills calling my name!

I may hold off till next week, but happy to hear I should be able to eat them

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on 12/22/12 12:57 am - TX
VSG on 08/29/12

This is too funny! When I was at that stage I had a thing for pickles too!! I actually live by a pickle factory (Best Maid) and the smell would make me drool!!! I am now almost 4 months out and can say the pickles are safe again. I no longer stalk them at the store... It's funny what our bodies want when we cant have them. I went through every possible craving imaginable even things I hated... Now its all about the meat... Love me some steak and jerky...who knew... :) Good luck to you and remember to enjoy every moment of this journey both good and bad... It's awesome!!

Keith L.
on 12/22/12 1:23 am - Navarre, FL
VSG on 09/28/12 with

You probably have another week before you can really eat pickles. How about adding some fresh dill or pickle juice to your cottage cheese? Myralax will be your friend from here on out. It is tasteless so you can mix it with any beverage. Also Dulcolax stool softener. You have gained a pound because you are not eliminating and you are probably retaining water. Sufficien****er also helps you go. Also got to your local trader joes or whole foods and get yourself some Smooth Move tea, that helps you go too.


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on 12/22/12 5:13 am - OH
VSG on 10/02/12 with
My surgeon's plan had me wait til 6 weeks post op for pickles and I did but I did crave them before - I used the pickle juice in tuna and chicken salad til I could have the actual pickles.

on 12/22/12 7:03 am
VSG on 11/02/12

Seriously! What is going on with that pickle craving? I was always a sugar-craving type of person.


on 12/22/12 8:03 am

Apparently there's something in pickles that most post-ops don't get in their diet---I see SO many people talking about craving pickles. After my DS, I craved pickles---even kinds of pickles that I didn't even LIKE pre-op---for about TWO YEARS. And at 9 years out, I still eat waaaay more pickles than I ever did, pre-op. I also crave deviled eggs, chicken salad (with LOTS of pickles!), and other foods that contain VINEGAR.

On a side note---drinking pickle JUICE will certainly help your constipation. (*Grin*)

on 12/22/12 9:54 am - MO
VSG on 10/16/12

It's probably the salt you are craving. 

on 12/22/12 11:27 am

This would have been off plan for me.... please, please... if it is off plan for you don't do it.  Your stomach has just been brutalized and needs time to heal.  I promise pickles can come later!  

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