Pregnant after Vertical sleeve gastrectomy

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VSG on 01/23/12

Hello everyone I hope all is well, I just wanted to post and see if I could get some feedback from others here.

I had my VSG on 01/24/2012 weighing 286#  (my highest weight was 309#) and my current weight is 165#. It's been 11 mo since my surgery and I am still losing a little weight as I go forward. I just found out on Dec 19,2012 that I am pregnant and due 8/30/13. I was devastated as I am 37 1/2 yr. old with a daughter graduating high school in May.. and because it was totally not planned for me to have another baby. But all things happen for a reason and I believe this is also in that category. So i was wondering if anyone else has had a pregnancy after their VSG and how the pregnancy went. I was a little concerned about the baby not getting enough but my OB says that everything will be fine, the baby will get what it needs from me and any stored fat and nutrients I may have, and that I need to supplement calcium, folic acid and continue taking my vitamin as I do daily as well as adding more protein to prevent muscle wasting. I see my bariatric surgeon sometime early Jan. I did have an ultrasound on 12/21/12 which only showed the sac indicating that I was only 12-14 days or so post conception and no baby visible yet. my Beta hgc was 841 that day and when I had it repeated on 12/26/12 it was 9151 so a viable early pregnancy is in the works.. any info anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

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Check out the postop pregnancy forum  .....  and congratulations!

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Congratulations! I don't have any experience myself, but a close friend had the RNY done about the same time frame as you, and is now pregnant. Her pregnancy is coming along well. Just follow your doctor's orders and follow up with your surgeon. Please keep us updated on how you are doing!

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I've heard of many people who have had perfectly healthy pregnancies post vsg.  I can be a challenge to get enough nutrients in if you're immediately post op, but at 11 months out you're probably able to eat enough that this won't be a problem.  In fact, the whole reason I had the vsg was so I could lose enough to be healthy and have lower-risk pregnancies :)  Sounds like you're already off to a great start by bringing your gyno and your surgeon into the loop.  As long as they are both involved in the process, you should be fine.  Congrats!

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I am excited to hear about your journey as this is why I am having VSG. I want to have a healthy body growing a healthy baby. 



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Congrats! Search in the search bar for posts by USAF wife. She's had two successful post VSG pregnancies and has shared her experiences on OH.
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I had a pregnancy post I won't be any help to you on that end.  Just wanted to say're new baby will be a wonderful addition to your family. 

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Hello there.  I was two years post-op in December and I am currently 35 weeks pregnant.  This is my 7th pregnancy (6th to nearly full term) and I've had no problems whatsoever.  And BTW, I'm also 41 years young.  LOL 

Unless you already have some issues (vitamin deficiencies, anemia, ect), there should be no issues regarding a post VSG pregnancy.  You will need to increase your daily carb intake to around 100 grams/day.  For me, nothing else is any different than it was pre-conception. 

Good luck!


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I have no tips but congrats!!

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thank you all for your replies, this is new, shocking, exciting all at the same please continue to  pray that all goes well