Extreme hair loss rearing it's ugly head at 5 months post-op. Why now?

on 1/9/13 12:08 pm

Hey everyone. Just had a quick question, and am in need of serious reassurance. I am loosing gobs and gobs of hair. I know my surgeon and the nurse told me it was normal, but I thought it would be more likely when I was losing 5-7 pounds a week rather than now when I'm losing about 1 pound a week. I'm not going to go bald am I? I have extremely thick hair....or at least....I did until this. It started about 2-3 weeks ago and I feel like it's just gotten worse. I get my protein in and take my vitamins (well, most of the time I do). I don't get in as much protein as others though, should I bump it up? I get in about 50-60g per day. I"ve lost about 75 pounds so far. Any advice or nice words would make me feel a lot better. You should have seen my shower drain, I could have cried. :( If you guys can just tell me I won't go bald, I'll be forever grateful! Oh, and please forgive me for being whiny. It's just one of those days, I guess!

on 1/9/13 12:13 pm
VSG on 06/18/12

You won't be bald forever. 

And you won't even be bald - you have new hair growing all the time. I myself have had more hair in the hairbrush but it's been slow and consistent so new stuff is growing in before it's really been noticeable.

Protein won't help or anything else. Read this great article about hair loss after bariatric surgery. 

on 1/9/13 12:22 pm

Lol, thanks, seriously.

Mine was slower, but here lately, it is SO MUCH in my shower drain and in my hair brush. That article was really helpful, thank you so much!!!

on 1/9/13 12:21 pm
VSG on 09/17/12
If it makes you feel better, mine is coming out by the handful too!!

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on 1/9/13 12:23 pm

Lol, I'm glad to know I'm not alone, Suzy!!! Thanks! :)

on 1/9/13 12:37 pm - Westborough, MA
VSG on 08/19/13

when I was banded I lost quite a bit of hair..I don't have thick hair to begin with, so it was pretty alarming for me at first.  But, here's a trick..lift up your bangs (I have bangs..I know some don't.) or a section of hair and pull it back tightly..you'll see those little pieces of new growth hair..really..you're hair grows so much faster than you thin****il you start to lose it!! :)  Um..I don't think it matters how much you take in vitamin wise.  You're eating a lot of protein..so that shouldn't be it..if you are taking vitamins with iron in it or an iron supplement(try not to take too much of that..not good to take too much iron)..that shouldn't be it.  But, losing a lot of weight quickly is a shock to your body.  It causes your body to rethink the hormonal balance and those fluctuations can cause you to lose more hair than usual.  Once your weight starts to stabilize, you'll start to have more regrowth and stop losing so much.  It takes a little while to grow back all that hair..so you're hair will be thinner.  If you have long hair..putting it up in pony tails can actually make the situation worse b/c it pulls on what hair you have and you lose even more hair.  Hope this helps. :)

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on 1/9/13 1:43 pm - Canada

5 months post op was THE WORST for hairloss for me personally!! i wasnt sure if i was loosing tons of it due to surgery or the fact that i was stressing so much was coming out! i too had really thick hair i ended up buying dark brown dry shampoo by bumble and bumble at sephora...saved my life it dyed my roots and scalp so if i had a thin spot it didnt look as bad...im now 6.5 months post op and the hair loss has slowed down a lot!!! its so scary but it will slow down and your hair will start to come back...good luck :)

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VSG on 07/13/10 with

Yes, the hair loss was worst between 5-6 month mark.  It started of course around 3 months, and I thought this isn't too bad, then a few months later...OMG!  Hair was everywhere.  It will slow down. Remember the hair loss today is mostly based on extreme low calorie/nutrition 5 months ago (pre op dieting and those 1st liquid protein days.  

Hang in.!


 Of course the chin hair didn't go away - couldn't be that lucky.




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on 1/10/13 12:59 am - Kent, WA
VSG on 07/20/12 with

LOL that's what I said! My chin hair is growing just fine but the hair on my head is falling off in handfuls.


It's horrid and I have fine thin hair to begin with so my hair loss is noticeable. My mom even pointed out when I visited that I should get a wig. (thanks mom!) 


Anyway I just consider it one of the stages. The hair falls off, the fat falls off. It's all good. The hair will come back. The fat better not!

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on 1/11/13 4:42 am - OK
VSG on 08/06/12

I'm in the same boat. Been good about taking my vitamins and getting 70g protein almost every day. Then the hair los**** me here between month 4 and 5. I figure it's just part of this journey, though. And I'm thankful I at least had thick hair to start with. :)

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