Recipes for Pureed Stage....

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VSG on 01/23/13


I was sleeved on 1/23 and so far so good.. Taking everything in stride.. But I am very excited to get to the Pureed Stage which for

me will be SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!

I am hoping for some help with recipes for the supper bowl party but also to keep me interested in this stage...

Thanks for any recipes!!


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VSG on 04/30/12

Okay, bad but easy.... puree some weigh****chers or lean cuisine frozen dinners. All the taste, little work. Also shephard's pie is yummy in the blender too. Here's my personal list that I compiled from other users & websites for my mushie stage:


Blended foods should be the consistency of a thick liquid (no chunks or solid material).

  • Eggs (scrambled / scrambled with salsa or cheese)
  • Onion soup mixed with fat free greek yogurt makes a good dip
  • Refried beans (with low fat cheese / fat free sour cream / tomatoes / taco seasoning)
  • Mashed potatoes (with fat free sour cream)
  • Baked potato (no skin)
  • Greek yogurt
  • Hummis
  • Applesauce
  • Oatmeal (blended)
  • Watermelon
  • Wendy’s Chili
  • Egg salad (puréed)
  • Chicken salad (puréed – use canned chicken as it’s much softer. Add dill or curry)
  • Lentil soup (puréed)
  • Ricotta cheese + marinara + sun dried tomato pesto/basil pesto + parmesan
  • Black bean soup + canned chicken breast
  • Chicken puréed with carrots & onions
  • Chicken puréed with marinara sauce + cheese
  • Weigh****cher Smart One meal, puréed
  • Broccoli with cheese sauce, puréed (may have to add water)

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VSG on 01/23/13

Wow!  Thanks, that helped me a lot. (even though I didn't ask the question! LOL)


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VSG on 11/26/12

Don't forget fat free cottage cheese! :-)


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Check with your surgeon...because while everything on that list sounds good there are many things on there my surgeon would have said absolutely not to...for example I was not allowed anything and still am not, soups with the exception of chicken broth, potatoes, etc.  So be sure and check what is on your plan.

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VSG on 01/23/13

When did u have surgery that u are still not allowed those foods??

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VSG on 05/31/12 with

Most people look at a website called The World According to Eggface for pureed stage foods and recipes.  The link is ...

My friend Dave Schronce has a website where he has placed many recipes for various stages of weight loss and maintenance.  Go to the following link and click on WLS Friendly .. .there are 4 pages of recipes and some will be just what you are looking for.  By the way he had the gastric bypass and has made sure to modify these recipes to be friendly for people that have had weight loss surgery.

Also the perfect pumpkin pancakes ... -protein-pancake-recipe

If it helps any my nutritionist's definition of the pureed stage is to eat anything that can be mashed with a fork.


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VSG on 01/23/13

Thank you very much!!!!

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VSG on 06/18/12

For a Super Bowl Pureed option - canned chicken with some Fage 0% and Franks Buffalo sauce in a small crock pot,  other can dip a chip or celery into to it. 

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VSG on 01/14/13

Wow!!! These are wonderful ideas!!! I'm currently in the mushy stage. I've been eating puréed chicken salad and a few canned sliced carrots. Can't wait to try the things above!!! 

Thank you!!!