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Hiatal hernia repair

on 2/14/13 10:09 am - TN, TN
Any sleevers able to tell me about hiatal hernia surgery after being sleeved? VSG 12/16/08
on 2/14/13 10:55 am - CA

I can--I've had two post-vsg hiatal hernia surgeries. It can be done, but it's tricky because we don't have the tissue to do the standard repair. My first surgery, about a year post-vsg didn't work (long story and I can fill you in on the details if you are facing this). I just lived with it for several years. Finally, about a year ago, I went to see Dr. Cirangle (I am a LapSF patient--my surgeon was Dr. Cirangle's partner but has left LapSF). Anyway, Dr. Cirangle operated, found a very very large hiatal hernia (it had grown since my first surgery). He had to use a biologic mesh to close it. And now I'm MUCH MUCH better, not 100% acid free but off all PPIs.

According to Dr. Cirangle, post WLS hiatal hernias are not uncommon. He thinks this is because when we are heavy, the fat in our abdomens kind of holds things together, but once we lose weight, the inherent weakness asserts itself and the hernias form. He has done numerous repairs, both on LapSF patients and on others. Most of the time he hasn't had to use the biologic mesh, so it's a simpler procedure. My surgery was fairly long, about 4 1/2 hours, but I recovered nicely and the surgery was totally covered by my insurance.

Do you have a hiatal hernia? If so, I would make sure that you go to a surgeon who is VERY VERY experienced with both the vsg stomach AND doing hiatal hernia repairs on them...PM me if you need more info...


8 years post VSG. Below Goal.
  ~105 pounds lost.
Starting BMI-38.5, Surgery 08/14/07