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on 2/16/13 1:34 pm - CA

Hello Sleevers

I had surgery on Monday 2/11.  I have a question.  Is everyone using the sample menus?

I am in stage two - full liquids.  For the life of me, I could not make strained oatmeal.  My choice.  I brought stage 2 baby food oatmeal. 

Also, I can only take a few bites of everything and I am full.  I have looked ahead to the sample menus increasing to more foods of substance.  Am I to believe I am having so much trouble because the stomach has not healed and when it does, I will at least be able to meet the minimum food guidelines and it won't hurt so much.

on 2/16/13 2:41 pm - Iaeger, WV
VSG on 01/23/13

I'm 3 weeks out and I have never been able to eat as much as the sample menus my doctor gave me. I don't think it is possible. My doctor told me to eat an ounce at a time... he said a couple bites might fill me up and that is ok... so based on his words, the sample menus are unattainable.  I think they are just trying to give us ideas of what to eat.  There is no way on Earth I can eat all that. 


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on 2/16/13 3:19 pm
VSG on 02/01/13 with

According to my doctor, as long as I am getting in 80 grams of protein and 64 ounces of water, the amount of actual food I am eating is not that important.  At this point (2 weeks out), I am getting at least 60 of my protein grams from protein shakes (which also count 11 ounces each toward my water requirement).  I am eating about 2 tablespoons (at the most) of food at meal time.  According to my dr I am doing fine, so think you sound great for just 5 days out!


joann P.
on 2/17/13 12:01 am

HI, I just had surgery on Jan 10 and I still can not eat much.  I am dabbling with small amounts of baby food and yes, the sample menus are impossible.  I wondered if you are throwing up at all?  i am still throwing up after I eat and at night after I have fallen asleep. I had to have my sleeve enlarged but still I am having trouble.

on 2/17/13 2:21 am - CA

Wow, I have not drank water at all. Better start doing this today. I am eating and keeping down most of the day.  I also drink all of my protein.

on 2/16/13 9:48 pm
My Doctor also said as long as I'm getting my protein in and water I should be fine. There were times I just did protein shakes, Greek yogurt or soup and lots of water! Take your water bottle/protein shake every where you go so you can constantly sip whatever you can tolerate! This helped me
Keith L.
on 2/17/13 12:27 am - Navarre, FL
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Don't focus on the amounts specified. You should measure your food and try to eat that but if you can't don't sweat it. Now if you are at 6 months and can only eat 1 ounce of food you may have a problem. But for the most part right now your stomach is swollen and you won't be able to fit that much in. The biggest thing you need to worry about is getting your fluids in and then protein. I know oatmeal is on most people's lists but it is not the best choice of things to eat after VSG. It has lots of carbs no matter how you slice it. For you greek yogurt is a much better choice and protein drinks. If you have a hard time getting the thicker ones down try IsoPure Zero Carb RTD. They do not taste all that great but early out they are very easy to get down.

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on 2/17/13 1:09 am - CA

Thanks so much Keith.  I am on Isopure. I thought it was because my stomach was still sore.  I haven't had my two week appt, so I am not sure how long my stomach will be sore.