1 day before surgery

on 3/31/13 1:06 pm - MA
VSG on 04/02/13

I am having the sleeve on Tuesday, so my doctor has me on clear liquids after midnight tonight and no food or liquids Tuesday.  My question is.... am I allowed to have a protein shake tomorrow?  When we are released I know we are on the shakes and clear liquids, so I didn't know if we are allowed the shake in the pre-op day as well.  I can go without food, but being without food AND my shakes makes me nervous!

Thanks for the help.

  I'm not where I want to be, but I am closer than I was yesterday!


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on 3/31/13 1:11 pm

Mine is tomorrow and I did NOT have a shake.  Mine said only clear like chicken broth, jello, apple juice, tea... Yes I was hungry and especially being Easter day!  I thought the hot chicken broth made me feel fuller. But it may be in my head..lol.  Good luck!

on 3/31/13 1:40 pm
VSG on 04/02/13

I was was told only clear liquids the day before my surgery which is also Tuesday.  My surgery is at 8am so I figure if I have a shake tomorrow am around 6 when the baby gets me up it's more than a day before surgery :) 

good luck with the liquids tomorrow!  I'm a big mess here freaking out about the next two days.  I'm just ready for it to be Wednesday!

on 3/31/13 1:49 pm - MA
VSG on 04/02/13

I'm a pile of nerves here too.  I don't find out what time my surgery is until tomorrow, so I can't take the chance on a shake I guess. I was just hoping to be able to supplement, but I guess not.

on 3/31/13 1:58 pm
Girls I really wish you guys luck I was sleeved 3/20/13 and it has been so rough and stressful I am lucky to say that I didnt have any complications such as the gas,nausea,pain,vomiting but this has been a real mind game that I thought I was ready for Well big reality check I wasnt.... So I really hope that you guys have a real support system because its going to be rough. Because the surgery was the easy part ...its the not eating and being around people who still do is going to be rough I hope for the best for you guys
on 3/31/13 2:26 pm - WA
A shake is not a clear liquid. It's one day, you'll be fine.
Diana E.
on 3/31/13 4:43 pm
VSG on 03/27/13
I was sleeved on Wed. Protein shakes are a no, no day before. But I did add unflavored protein powder to broth. It helped a lot. But I found myself to be a ball of nerves the day before, and wasn't terribly hungry anyways.

As for the poster dealing with the emotional side...its all perspective. I don't know who to credit with this, but someone on here last week said , the way she sees it, she already did her share of binge eating and junk food indulging. That's what lead her to needing surgery. Now its her turn to eat healthier and make better choices....but with the benefit with such a great tool.

on 3/31/13 5:45 pm
VSG on 03/26/13
Best wishes for a blessed surgery!! I was sleeved Tuesday march 26, 2013 ) how I got through a day of clear liquids. I had to drive 7 hrs and decided to sip on ISopure 20 oz had 40 G protein and some water. All I had was head hunger. I spent the day driving then appt then SHOPPING. if u want I made a video the night before and as I woke up after surgery. On YouTube sweetjane71
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on 4/1/13 1:40 am - Worcester, MA
VSG on 02/25/13

Hey Girl! Yay the day is finally here!!!!   I would say no for the protein shake. The reason for this is that protein takes time to break down even though it's a liquid you don't want anything in your stomach. I would follow the pre diet to a T. For me I was on Clear liquids the day before and nothing the day of surgery. When you get out of surgery, they will let you drink some water, 1oz every hour. Then the next day you will be on broth and jello. Don't worry you won't be hungry. I wasn't at all after the surgery.


Good luck, I will be thinking of you!!! Let me know how it goes!!!!