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Has anyone tried Boost Protein Drinks?   I tried one yesterday and I liked it alot  although I feel its quite heavy and I can only drink half a small bottle.  Does anyone else have a different opinion?

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on 4/18/13 1:54 am
VSG on 04/30/13

Hey I love boost shakes! I am pre-op with a surgery date of april 30th. On my instructions for after surgery it specifically states NO BOOST OR ENSURES  PROTEIN SHAKES :(. It also says that the reason is they contain too much sugar. Which really sucks because those things are great (to me). I have noticed a lot of people drink the premier protein shakes from Sam's club. According to my protein guide that I received from my nutritionist they are good for after surgery. I added them to my grocery list for tomorrow.

Hope this helps :)

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VSG on 12/19/12 with

Please look at the nutritional information on the bottles.  I think they are very high on carbohydrates will may slow things down for you.  While they may taste good, they may not be good for you.  I pulled a couple labels up on a website and they showed 33grams of carbs.  I was told to make sure my protein drinks were below 6 grams.

Just something to consider.

I use unjury unflavored or strawberry sorbet with water and crystal light.  You have to order online.  I have also used their chicken broth.

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VSG on 05/31/12 with

Protein drinks.  Here is a list of what my nutritionist has said you should look for in a serving.

100% Whey Protein Isolate  (not Whey Protein Concentrate or any other type of protein.)  The reason for that is because this Isolate is the most easily digested and therefore the most used by our bodies post op.  The longer it takes for the protein to be digested the less the protein will actually be used plus in the lower intestines digesting proteins produces gas.

A serving should have no more than 5 grams of carbs or 5 grams of fat ... basically 5 grams or less is the go to rule.

A serving should have about 24 grams of protein per serving.  Give or take a few grams.

Boost High Protein drinks have 6 grams of fat which is barely a fail but a fail none the less.

Boost High Protein drinks have 33 grams of carbs with 27 grams of sugar.  This is an epic fail.  This alone would make it a huge stay away from this product.  Not to mention that in the weight loss phase most people have a daily goal of 40 grams of carbs or less per day.  With one 8 oz. shake you have gotten almost all the carbs you can have in one day.

Boost High Protein drinks give you 15 grams of protein per serving.  Yet another fail.  The amount of protein you are getting doesn't justify the carbs or the calories which also happen to be high at 240 calories.  This is about 1/3 of the calories you will be getting post op.  Plus the first 5 ingredients on this is water, sugar, corn syrup, milk protein (not Whey Protein Isolate), vegetable oil ...    Another epic fail for this product. oost-high-protein-drink

Now it is possible you were talking about the Boost Original Drinks which is much worse.  You win on the 4 grams of fat,  you loose a ton on the only 10 grams of protein, you loose bigger on the 41 grams of carbs with 28 grams of sugar and 240 calories.  Plus the first 5 ingredients on this is water, sugar, corn syrup, milk protein (not Whey Protein Isolate), vegetable oil ...    Another epic fail for this product.

Ultimately I would advise you to stop using this product.  There is nothing good about it with the exception of the taste possibly.  


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on 4/18/13 7:23 am - Panama, Panama

Thank You so much this has helped alot.  I threw out the remaining i had left from yesterday and will setup an appt with my nutritionist to see what protein shake is best for me.

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on 4/18/13 9:52 pm

great post! Thank you