Pneumonia Related to Sleeve?

on 5/11/13 12:58 am - Yonkers, NY

I have not been around much at all .  I have been sick on and off since January.  Here's a c & p from elsewhere:

I was Sleeved 3-15-12 and lost 166 lbs in 9 1/2 month****ting my goal in late Dec. Starting Jan 18th, I have had pneumonia FOUR times, being hospitalized 3 times for IV antibiotics. 

I just got out of the hospital again today after bout #4. The doctors now all think it's a strong possibility that my pneumonia is from aspirating related to my Sleeve. They want me to go back to see my surgeon asap (not at this same hospital). I will do that of course. I was just wondering if by any weird chance this has happened to anyone else?

I will also add that I was put on Nexium about 1-2 months post op. I had several nights where I would wake up choking on stomach acid. The nexium stopped it. But supposedly nexium can increase the chance of pneumonia so they just switched me to pepcid.

So, anyone else or am I some weird freak of Sleeve nature? 

on 5/11/13 4:19 am

Hi, I'm only 7 weeks out but had pneumonia already from aspirating. In my case I don't believe it was from acid reflux. From day one I was one of the rare cases that would spit up foam and mucus. I carry a cup to spit in wherever I go. It has slowly decreased and fit the most part stopped. I also was spitting up anything I drank. I wasn't able to eat or drink anything for over a month. (I was fed thru IV) Now that I am doing liquids again I am able to keep them down. So since my pneumonia I have had to sleep elevated. I am still currently sleeping in a recliner. I am just now thinking about moving to a bed but worried of pneumonia again. Definetly talk to your doctor. I think in your case it has to be from acid reflux. 

on 5/11/13 4:33 am

Sounds like you have been dealing with aspiration pneumonia . Perhaps, you have been aspirating some of your stomach acids into your lungs? If the Pepcid stops the acid, your symptoms may stop. Has a hernia been ruled out?

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on 5/11/13 5:32 am - Yonkers, NY

Thank you all.  I do have a very tiny hernia that is not causing any issues at the moment.  I am hoping the Pepcid does the trick.  Just so weird as none of this started until AFTER I lost all my weight!

At least I am now more confident the docs were right.  I am going to see my surgeon, get back strict with my routine and try to prevent another reurrence.  I can sleep in a recliner for a while but eventually going to get one of those wedge pillows.  Thank you guys!

on 5/11/13 6:01 am

I sleep with a wedge pillow for acid reflux reasons. Originally, I started using it due sleep apnea, but losing weight resolved the apnea issue, but I then I needed it for acid reflux reasons. I am almost three years out and still take a ppi on a daily basis and use the wedge pillow.

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on 5/12/13 2:33 am - Yonkers, NY

I ordered the wedge pillow and hoping the pepcid does the trick!  Thank you for your responses!

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