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on 5/19/13 9:23 pm - ID

I'm one week out from my VSG and was wondering what the average weight loss usually is? i've found myself getting hungery already and Ive only lost 11lbs since surgery on May 8th? any advice would be appreciated..

on 5/19/13 9:36 pm

I started losing weight at a fast rate...but 4 weeks post...i am starting to fluctuate as of this week....after finishing OPTIFAST...on surgery date I was 299.  I am now officially down to 266.   I weight in at my friends and one day her scale said I lost 7 lbs 3 days later i was back up 3 lbs....

S0 I wish I could be helpful.... but my diet is still pureed...and i'm having several boughts of constipation... I wish I could help you....all I know is i'm supposed to get 70 grams of protein into me... and I don't think i'm  succeeding in that.

I wish you all the best.

God bless




on 5/19/13 10:12 pm - Eugene/Springfield, OR
VSG on 07/22/13

there is no average weight loss everyone is different, and you can temperately gain being constipated 

 don't worry about the scale just try to get your protein and liquids in the weight will come off , you are probably not hungry probably have gas, you need a ppi or a change of dose of ppi

 don't weigh yourself more than once a week or you will drive yourself crazy


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on 5/20/13 12:17 am

I am loosing about 1% of my body weight per week with no effort (ie I have not started exercising regularly).  My weight loss has been steady since my 3rd week post op.  I am now 12 weeks post op. 

on 5/20/13 12:29 am

50-60% EWL is the average that I've always heard. Which by a lot of programs is deemed  "successful".


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Julia HasHerLifeNow
on 5/20/13 5:23 am
VSG on 10/09/12
From what I understand the VSG is not a standardized surgery i.e. all surgeons have their technique and do it differently - using a different cutting method and a different shape sleeve probably and distance from the Pyloric valve as well as difference in size of the finished sleeve. It also depends on the length of each person's stomach - which in the case of the RnY for example does not matter because everyone gets the same sized pouch no matter what the starting point is. So the average weight loss will vary based on all of those factors which are individual and based on each surgeon's technique. Which basically means that the average is meaningless. What truly matters is the individual determination and effort to make it to a personal goal weight and maintain that forever. Personally i don't want to be 'average' so I am going for the gusto. It is very slow for me in weight loss now but my resolve has not slowed down and I am determined to go the full distance even if it takes me five years to get there!

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on 5/20/13 5:53 am - TX
VSG on 10/08/12

My surgeon said the average weight lost & maintained is about 60-70% for his patients.  He likes to see 50% EWL by 3 months, 80% by 6 months and the other 20% in a year.  There's no average, though, really.  I think it's more about your commitment and determination for the long haul.  Good luck!


on 5/20/13 7:02 am
VSG on 05/03/13
11 pounds in such a short time is great! Congrats!
on 5/20/13 8:15 am - CA

According to Dr. Roslin in the referenced article -

2)   Sleeve and bypass patients with bmi’s of 35 to 40 will lose virtually all of their excess weight. Those 40 to 50 approximately 70 to 75% of excess weight.  For those above 55, they will lose 50% of excess weight.  This means if your BMI is greater than 55 you will lose approximately 15 bmi units and still have bmi of 40.

Obviously, these are averages, so there will be some who do better and some who do not so well than these numbers indicate; there's no harm at all in being above average!

Average loss the first week or so is even more variable than overall results as it is heavily influenced by pre-op weight loss (we tend to lose quickly initially whether from surgery or simple dieting and then slow down, so those who have been in diet mode prior to surgery may not see as big of a loss immediately after surgery than those who lost no weight pre-op.) Add to that variables in hospital treatment (lots of fluids pumped into us often causes major water weight gain in the hospital, that then drops off rapidly), starting weights (heavier people tend to lose more gross weight in any given time, but a lower percentage of excess weight), and simple individual variances.

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on 5/20/13 9:01 am
VSG on 03/05/13

that's crazy talk!  I started with a BMI of 61 and already lost 10 "bmi units" at only 10 weeks out.   if these are averages, they are silly averages , based on nonsense.

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on 5/20/13 9:34 am
On May 20, 2013 at 9:01 AM Pacific Time, Lisa1023 wrote:

that's crazy talk!  I started with a BMI of 61 and already lost 10 "bmi units" at only 10 weeks out.   if these are averages, they are silly averages , based on nonsense.

Ahhhh..... not so crazy....

It gets progressively harder as there are many components to the process that need to be sustained.

Many can't can't/don't sustain.......


SW 338lbs. GW 175lbs. Goal in 11 months. CW 148lbs. WL 190lbs.

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on 5/20/13 8:31 am, edited 5/20/13 8:57 am - Four Corners, NM

average?  average usually for whom?  are you a man? well you will lose a ****load more right quick.Are you super morbid obese? well you will lose a ****load more right quick.   Are you SHORT? well you will lose a ****load more right quick ..Are you SMALL/PETITE FRAMED? well you will lose a ****load more right quick.  

Oh maybe lyour ooking for average weight loss on VSG...when it became legit in Jan 2010....60%  Average eventual weight loss that MUST be proven for a WLS to be considered successful is 50% eventual weight loss. That's it...before it can be become OFFICIALLY recognized. That was in Jan 2010!  in making it legit. That 60% stat says NOTHING whatsoever about an individual VSGr. 

Oh maybe looking for average from a particular surgeons office...well let's see ...IF I go by ALL the people Ive seen from MY surgeon's office...that have posted on OH in the past 5 years...all maybe 6 of us....100-110% is OUR average EWL at 15 months post op.  So I guess average weight loss usually for my surgeons office is 105% 

We're ONLY a tiny fraction representin my surgeons office here tho.  TINY FRACTION. ..... NOTHIN on the hundreds comin outta my surgeon's office in SoCal every year..I don't know nuthin about em .... alls this 105% stat makes me... is one pompous ass to think everyone from my surgeon's office gets to 100+% average eventual weight loss.

How's that for AVERAGE/s ,-) 

I have no idea what is average..who you are or what is "average" for YOU. ...nor does ANYONE else here.  Talk to your surgeon if you want HIS average for YOU, if you have concerns. Getting hungry already...getting hungry period.. is not a symptom VSG eliminates, your surgeon can fix...unless he chopped your head off too right ...never have to "feel" hunger if ya ain't got a brain!! lmao... Can be acid reflux post surgery...common post gastro surgery...on a PPI? Grehlin didn't kick in for me until I was 10 months post op. Grehlin is powerful, significantly reduced w/ VSG... but alas not our only hunger hormone. Insulin, CCK, leptin, cortisol heavier hitters. ..n Losing "ONLY" 11 pounds in 11 days tho ..... is NOT VSGs/your surgeons issue...but YOUR half empty deal anxiety hittin ya?

your attitude makes all the difference on this NEWJOURNY... expectations are pre-meditated disappointments....lower the bar a tad and be GRATEFUL for second chances to make this right by and "only" for YOU!

Fear panic worry anxiety comparing yourself-not measuring upmost feelings, negative thinking are transitory, not reliable as you enter the hormonal hell phase of VSG....don't depend on em entirely. Kick em to the curb ,-)

Walk, water, ^^protein for post surgical repair , vits n mins, sleep and control that stress (cortisol) Your gonna be ok...strike that...yer gonna be GREAT!!! go get them goals NJ work on them next 5 pounds. Oh crap...ya got the 3 week stall comin up heads up! Don't freak k  YOUR body just doin its thing making its adjustments! Some more info on stalls n plateaus  blog.

Keep postin and reading NJ...your head in the WLS game....this forum is open 24/7 we never close.  PLEASE PLEASE care to be accountable to YOU everyday. Do the best ya can, trust the process,  ultimately yourself...and never ever give up on your WL goals and dreams for a new and improved YOU no matter how frustratin it gets ,-)

on 5/20/13 10:44 am - ID

Thank you! thats telling it to me and I very much appreciate everyones input. Ya whats wrong with me? I should be grateful. Thank you Lord I lost 11 lbs. Actually ahell of a lot more. i started this journey when my best friend died at 43 yrs old on August 1st. I was 347 pounds and couldnt walk very far without losing my breathe. i started to log my food and eat healthier,I did cheat sometimes im not gonna lie,but 7months later and my surgery date I weighed in at 301..all on my own! now down to 290 I am very thankful! I know its a head thing with me, thinking im hungary. I had no idea that the ghrehlin would kick in later..I sure hope mine Im gonna talk to the Dr. about ppi cause it maybe the gas..thank you again..This is what I needed to kick my ass!

on 5/21/13 2:29 pm, edited 5/21/13 2:30 pm - Four Corners, NM
on 5/20/13 12:32 pm