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RNY to VSG Revision

on 5/20/13 8:03 am - Long Beach, CA
VSG on 06/04/13

I am not posting this about myself, but I just found out that my Aunts surgeon is looking to revise her RNY to VSG when he goes in to do her 3rd hernia repair in the next couple months. The reason for the revision is due to her malabsorption issues. She is severely anemic and has had 2 or 3 blood transfusions in the last few years (pretty much one every year). she is 11 years out from her surgery and has been dealing with the anemia for at least 5 years now. I just found out my Mom (who is 6 years out) has been dealing with anemia for the last 3 months and her Dr isnt happy with her latest blood work. Both are on prescription iron 2 times a day with no success. Has anyone here been through this or have any insight or advice I can give to either of them?

VSG June 4, 2013

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on 5/20/13 8:12 am - Eugene/Springfield, OR
VSG on 07/22/13

rny does not seem to be the great surgery the had said it was a few years ago

 seems a lot of people have trouble with malabsorbtion

also I just went to look at the failed forum and except for the crap bands , almost all the failures are rny(I know there are alot more people over the years that have had them than the sleeve) there where a few vsg people but almost every one was rny

problem with iron is it needs acid to be absorbed , I don't know how much acid a rny pouch makes , then add in the ppi most people are on and you are going to have problems

sound like the revision is a good plan


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on 5/20/13 8:21 am - PA
VSG on 05/13/13

I wish them the best of luck and am sorry to hear about their troubles! I would just hope that their surgeon has done this before and is highly skilled. That seems like an awfully complicated procedure! Praying for them!

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on 5/20/13 12:22 pm - Long Beach, CA
VSG on 06/04/13

I agree, I am worried about my Aunt. She has not had any luck at all with her surgeries and is a horror story of all stories. I would never have the RNY just because of her issues alone. THEN to find out on Friday about my Mom having the issues too.

VSG June 4, 2013

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on 5/20/13 9:54 am

Wow. I did not know this was possible. I have heard of VSG to RNY or VSG to DS, but never RNY to VSG. Hmm....Learn something new everyday.

I wish her the best of luck. Sounds like a tricky surgery, indeed.

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on 5/20/13 7:15 pm
VSG on 05/31/12 with

I know right?  I would have said this couldn't be done.  That can't be an easy thing.  I wonder if all they do is to sever and re-attach things so that you use the full length of the intestines once again.  I wonder if they would also remove the part of the stomach that is no longer attached. 

Lots of questions with that one.  I fully understand the need to give it a go but that does sound like a lot of re-working things.


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on 5/20/13 7:18 pm - Long Beach, CA
VSG on 06/04/13
I agree which is why I decided to post and see what others may have experienced

VSG June 4, 2013

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on 5/20/13 10:00 am - Austin, TX

I'm not sure they can do a true sleeve on those folks because RNY removes the pylorus right? They can take down the routing and redo the stomach, but they'll be without a pylorus. Not sure how that works, but I hope someone does... I'd also visit the revision forum and RNY to ask if anyone knows...

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on 5/20/13 12:25 pm - Long Beach, CA
VSG on 06/04/13

I looked around on the revision for similar stories and they arent very active but I also didnt see anyone post there. I will cross post this though on both boards to see. Thanks for the suggestion on posting on RNY, I didnt even think about that!

VSG June 4, 2013

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on 5/20/13 10:44 am - Eugene/Springfield, OR
VSG on 07/22/13

the polurus valve is attached to the blind stomach thats what the use to make the sleeve its the non stretchy part of the stomach

yes it is a much more complicated surgery



   175 lb  lost,412 hw 336sw,241 cw surgery July 22 2013,surgeon Dr Colin MacColl,







on 5/20/13 11:39 am - NY
VSG on 10/12/12 with

Why don't they do RNY to DS?  Is that even possible and safer?  I haven't seen many RNY's go to sleeve.

band to sleeve revision and loving life!

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on 5/20/13 12:23 pm - Long Beach, CA
VSG on 06/04/13

Im not sure, she just said thats what her surgeon recommended. My Dr office did say that if you had problems with RNY that you can reverse to vsg or ds if you ever needed to. Im going vsg to start

VSG June 4, 2013

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on 5/20/13 1:08 pm
RNY on 11/10/14
I struggle wth the vsg. My restriction isn't that great. My doc wants to talk about revision to RNY. My cousin just had RNY a few weeks ago as well. That was her first and only hopefully, surgery.







on 5/20/13 2:01 pm
VSG on 04/27/12

I'm curious about your issues with restriction. My restriction isn't great either, but it didn't stop me from measuring and weighing my food and losing. Is something else going on with yours?

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on 5/20/13 2:33 pm
RNY on 11/10/14
I never had to measure in the beginning and for a while because I could stop when comfortably satisfied but as restriction got looser then I naturally are more and didn't catch it right away. Then I admit I got frustrated and turned to comfort foods again like carbs. I should have had restriction for longer than I did so my surgeon just ordered an upper GI and endoscopy to look at things. But if I was 100% good at measuring and counting calories id never had needed the surgery. I lost 80 lbs very quickly but gained half back. So I kinda want the restriction again along with the first year and a half or so of the malabsorption. So I'm thinning about bypass. We shall see. Even with dense protein, I can eat more than I really should without hurting or feeling bad physically. He used a 40 b on me. So that's where I'm at right now.







Zee Starrlite
on 5/20/13 1:31 pm
VSG on 06/06/11 with

Have they tried iron infusions?  Heme iron? Vita lady Michelle's gentle iron?  Are they taking iron with C?


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on 5/20/13 7:45 pm - Long Beach, CA
VSG on 06/04/13
My aunt has done infusions my mom isn't there yet. Not sure on the other things though

VSG June 4, 2013

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