My Bat Wings - NSV

on 5/22/13 4:44 am - FL
VSG on 12/07/12

I've lived most of my life fat...all of it really, since I was five. I've always admired the look of women in sleeveless tops and dresses...but knew it could NEVER be me because not only were my arms fat, but I inherited the horrid bat wing sag.  It'll always be with me...I know. 

But guess what? Pardon my language....but **** it! My body is smaller confidence is bigger...and my arms are smaller, though still gifted with bat wings. I'm wearing sleeveless stuff, getting compliments and loving every minute of it! It's all about reclaiming my femininity that I've been posting about. Wow! The liberation!

Funny what we can do when our confidence begins to resurface.

Have I mentioned I love my sleeve!?!?!


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on 5/22/13 5:20 am, edited 5/22/13 5:21 am - SE, TX
VSG on 03/11/13

LOL...that made me chuckle...Congrats...You rock that sleeve girl!! Love it!! So happy for you!!

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Diana E.
on 5/22/13 5:41 am
VSG on 03/27/13

As long as you feel good.. that's all that matters!  They're proof that you fought, and won!

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on 5/22/13 5:54 am
VSG on 12/07/12

I say rock the sleeve and the sleeveless shirts! kiss


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on 5/22/13 6:10 am - Omaha, NE
VSG on 05/17/13
You go girl

I'm fat and I wear sleeveless tops. Do I think my arms look great? No. But I don't really care. If someone has a problem with my arms, it's their problem.

So you rock your healthy new arms and body. If someone has a problem with a little extra skin, it's their problem, not yours. Congrats on your NSV

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on 5/22/13 6:29 am - CO

Mine make the funniest slapping sounds when I'm in karate. I have to fight not to giggle.

But you know, we super heroes MUST have our wings.

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on 5/22/13 6:41 am - TX
VSG on 03/26/13

Confidence is a hell of a drug....


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on 5/22/13 7:36 am
VSG on 06/20/13

What other people think about your arms is none of your business. You rock out whatever you want. I'm sure you look fabulous. I love your sleeve too! Can't wait to get mine!

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on 5/22/13 7:36 am
VSG on 11/21/12

Good for you, girl!  I'm flappin' right along with ya.  :)


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on 5/22/13 11:00 am - FL
VSG on 12/07/12

I love you guys!!  Thanks for your positive words! :)


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