on 6/19/13 10:04 am
VSG on 05/01/13 with
Ok so I had lunch today w/my brother and sister..
I had my go to meal tuna fish and instead of fries I asked the waitress
To just give me extra pickles...so she gave me a seprate platter w/pickles and cole slaw...as I waited for my tuna I ate 1small pickle...I then had about 1/2cup tuna...
Not 10 minutes after my tubatini Rex acted up BIG TIME!! I had such pain!!!
Like I wa*****hed and also an intense gas like pain...
I thought why is Teeny tubatini acting up on me like this..and then on the way home I remembered THE PICKLE....my question after this long winded story is...
Has anyone else had pain after eating a pickle...I figured it was the skin of the pickle bothering lil tubatini...and was too hard to digest...
BTW...I'm 7 weeks out today....


on 6/19/13 10:11 am
VSG on 03/19/13

I've had heartburn from spicy pickles but otherwise I normally do very well eating pickles.

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on 6/19/13 10:51 am - NJ
VSG on 01/22/13 with

I am 5 months out and only just now started eating pickles. not only the skin but the SEEDS. Be careful, listen to you your body. 


on 6/19/13 10:59 am
VSG on 05/01/13 with
Oh believe me I won't be touching another pickle for a long time...
I was so afraid I did something..sent me into a small panic attack...not fun having
A panic attack while zooming down the highway at 75 mph..


VSG on 06/12/13
Mercy! Glad you are ok!


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on 6/19/13 11:09 am
VSG on 12/18/12

I'm 6 months out now but at about 5 months out, I tried some strawberries and had intense pain. I assume it was the seeds. I'm waiting for seeded berries and such until I am at goal.

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on 6/19/13 12:06 pm - Laurel, MD
VSG on 06/01/11 with

I haven't had problems with pickles...  Sorry you had such a hard time!

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We shall see where this leads...  

A. Kondrlik
on 6/19/13 8:41 pm
VSG on 01/24/13

I was really hungry for pickles the other day. I hadn't had any since preop.  So i bought some kind of expensive dill ones that looked really good.  i was so sad they just did not taste that good to me. Plus I went up a pound of water retention from the sodium.  >>>sigh>>>.  Maybe I will start liking them again some day  Didn't bother tummy too much, just felt a little aciidy.

I did count them as a veggie.  Don't know if I should'veGood news is I now like hot tea again.  I couldn't stand it for 4 1/2 mos.



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on 6/20/13 1:01 am - Oak Hills, CA
VSG on 04/04/13

I started eating pickles at 8 weeks....and no problem here thank goodness they sure can make a turkey roll up taste a lot better...



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