Weight Lost Stalled~

on 6/23/13 4:52 pm
VSG on 05/13/13 with
My surgery was May 13. I've lost 38lbs since my highest weight in March, 35 since surgery. However, over the last week my weight has flucuated up and down by 5 lbs, but I'm really not loosing anything. Has anyone else stalled? How did you get the weight loss started again?



on 6/23/13 8:35 pm - TX
VSG on 03/26/13

The stalls are normal. It's your body's way of regrouping before losing again. Stay on plan and drink plenty of water. It will restart again. I know it's tough when it's you, but everything will be alright.


    800 calories and less than 20 net carbs is the shizzle



on 6/23/13 11:52 pm - TX
VSG on 10/08/12

If you're following your plan, getting in your protein & fluids, it will move again.  Stalls are normal.  Take your measurements.  Every single time I stall, and it's more and more frequent now, and I want to take a baseball bat to my scale (I'm violent), my measurements always go down.  I lost an inch off my hips in the last two weeks, half an inch of my waist, etc.  Try not to let the stall scare you.  Your body needs to adjust, catch up.  Stay the course and the weight will come off.


on 6/24/13 12:03 am - MN
VSG on 05/17/13

My surgery  was May 17th., and I lost 20lbs. the first 2 weeks, and have been stalled since. In fact I went for my one month check and gained 2. How depressing, but my nutritionist and I went over my diet and she feels maybe I'm not getting enough protein so suggested I up that. Still nothing and panicked and called this am. and talked to another nutritionist and she reassure me that my diet is fine and just hang in there. "Your body is freaked out right now". It will start again don't worry. Hope it is soon for you and me both.