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Cellulite...does it improve after the sleeve????

on 7/10/13 5:44 am - Philadelphia, PA
VSG on 08/26/13

Just wondering, does cellulite get better after VSG??? 


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on 7/10/13 5:48 am

Not exactly sure what you are asking...

Yes, we lose a TON of fat!

Do stretch marks go away, no.

We end up with a lot of extra skin to go along with the celluite look.

To get rid of all of that requires plastic surgery for most folks.  

Even "thin" IMHO celluite is still there.  Don't expect to look like what you did in your early 20's in other words.  BUT you can expect to feel a whole lot better, look a whole lot better (in clothes at least), and be a whole lot healthier.  Way better than being super fat!!!!

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on 7/10/13 9:00 am - TX

I never really had very much to begin with, but what I did have is gone.  I do have some sagging skin but nothing I cannot hide in clothes and probably would have had from 2 pregnancies anyway.  One day I may get a tummy tuck, but I feel so much better, not a top priority.  Trying to see what hardcore workouts can do for me first.