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Has anyone gotten their insurance to pay for protein supplements?

on 9/9/13 12:23 am, edited 9/9/13 3:43 am

Just curious if anyone has managed to convince their insurance to pay for their protein? I thought about trying... I have Humana.

on 9/9/13 1:23 am
VSG on 03/05/13

why would they ?  why would you expect them too?  I'm confused.  that's just food. 

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on 9/9/13 1:35 am

Well, my insurance pays for my gym membership.. as part of the wellness program... also it's considered a medical necessity to take them, just like a vitamin or something the doc might prescribe... I don't expect them to do anything, just wondering if anyone had... sometimes it can't hurt to ask!

on 9/9/13 1:47 am
VSG on 03/05/13

it's not a medical necessity to take protein supplements.  You can get your protein via meat, eggs, poultry, cheese... etc.  vitamins are not covered by insurance either.  it's considered an elective supplement just like the protein supplements.  you can get your vitamins and minerals right from your food if you eat healthy food.


HW  383     SW  371    CW   234     

on 9/9/13 2:54 am, edited 9/9/13 3:07 am

For some, like me, protein supplements are a medical necessity. 

I'm a DSer, and unless i use shakes, I cannot get in enough protein to stay out of PCM (protein calorie malnutrition).  Been there once, don't want to go again.  I just can't eat enough to get everything in.  It's not that way for everyone, but rather than go the revision route, I'd much rather take more supplements and vites. The extra vites and supplements are non-negotiable for me.

I'm over 4.5 years out, BTW.  I have a 75cm common channel. 



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on 9/9/13 1:52 am
That's true. But, my insurance does cover my vitamins. Either way, I am trying to get everything from healthy food..

I was just curious .
on 9/9/13 2:05 am - NY
VSG on 10/12/12 with

Do you have an FSA?  You might be able to claim protein via that but not sure regular insurance would compensate.

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Zee Starrlite
on 9/9/13 2:26 am
VSG on 06/06/11 with

Wow we are already drowning to support the healthcare system- sorry I hope they never pay for this stuff for anyone who has other means.  It would be like adults getting WIC? 

Try a flex spending plan.  I was able to get my docs office to write down all my needs then I used my own non-taxed dollars to be "reimbursed" for nutrition products/programs I put my own money out for.  Protein powders are optional for human beings in almost every instance.  Yeah I use them but I choose to so I choose the pleasant flavors and such.


Hmmm maybe if insurance gave you just a no flavored basic protein I would not be too opposed.  Now if someone was diseased or just too old and wasting away insurance will pay forl those cans of liquid supplements.  Thank God we are not in that sort of situation.

Now I am not rich in fact I am the working poor who pays for everything and qualifies for nothing.


All Best,


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on 9/9/13 3:06 am


I feel you on the working poor.  I'm on disability now, fighting to get off, but this is sort of the same thing.  Because I had a decent job during my working life, I get a "high" Social Security benefit, therefore, I don't qualify for anything else.  It's very difficult to take care of food, housing, medication, doctor visits, physical therapy and other co-pays.  It's still not enough to pay for all the medical stuff I need (disability was not totally weight related - I have an autoimmune disorder).

I had the DS as part of my plan to get off disability.  It's slow going, but I'm determined it's going to happen!

I already buy my own unflavored whey protein isolate.  I use extracts and sucralose to flavor it.  Cheaper that way, and I can make it any flavor I want.

HW 405/SW 397/CW 138/GW 160  Do the research!  Check the stats!
The DS is *THE* solution to Severe Morbid Obesity!


Zee Starrlite
on 9/9/13 4:40 am
VSG on 06/06/11 with

You're awesome hun!  If I could share with someone who needed like you I would not skip a beat in hesitation.  Let me know if I can share with you (truly).  I ALWAYS try to get the biggest bang for my dollar and it works well in the protein department - low carb/sugar and high protein stuff.

I too have an autoimmune which I most of the time don't claim as I am convinced I will cure :).  It could be real kick-butt when it is on.  It is a form of RA that can be crippling in a flare.  So I get you.

Let me know if I could be of help.


All best,



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