I can sing and breathe at the same time!!

on 9/22/13 11:31 am

One of my goals was to be able to sing  at church and breathe at the same time. Tonight I sang and I had to smile during the song, I could breathe and sing. It was sweet to make this goal! 

on 9/22/13 11:48 am



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on 9/22/13 12:23 pm

Fantastic! Great NSV!

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on 9/22/13 4:20 pm

Very cool.


Robin M.
on 9/22/13 9:21 pm - Biloxi, MS
VSG on 09/12/13
I understand so much! My husband and I enjoy karaoke so much and I was able to sing Saturday night at 9 days post op. It feels wonderful to be able to get back to doing something "normal." Congratulations!
on 9/23/13 1:55 am
VSG on 02/06/13 with

That's great! I sing a lot, too, and found that my breath support has gotten a lot better with 140 pounds gone!


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on 9/23/13 3:26 am - TX
VSG on 08/26/13

That is wonderful!

Toni Dallison

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on 9/23/13 3:37 am
DS on 04/17/13

Congrats! I know things like this are just tiny miracles that make up the huge miracle of surgery and weight loss! Don't ya love it!  I too sing and the lap band ruined my voice the last 8 years from horrible GERD and vomiting as well as esophageal spasms. Since I had the revision to the DS my throat is healing and I noticed I could sing again. It felt wonderful!!!


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