Gas and broccoli...

on 10/1/13 7:45 am
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So last nite I ate a what I would call significant amout of broccoli about a 1/2cup..
I had made chicken cutlets and ate maybe 1/4 of it..l really wanted the broccoli..
I've had it before but maybe 1/8-1/4 oh man am I feeling it today..
Tubateeni REX is NOT happy today...mild discomfort on and off for Tubateeni...
Back gas pain...finally after all day it's starting to break up...if you know what I mean!!
LOL... just in time to go to out girls behind ain't gonna be pretty!!!
Oh and what do I make for dinner tonite chicken brocoli bake...didn't connect the gas dots until it was too I guess I'm in for more of the same tomorrow..


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Oh...I so feel ya on the broccoli. Had my first "foamies" after a small piece of broccoli that was undercooked. Like you...just couldn't resist it...but I'll never have it again. The next day I was a horror to be around...if ya catch my drift (or sniff :-)

Glad I was at Zumba last night...I feel for those girls tonight!

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VSG on 09/09/13

OMG I ate broccoli for the first time today and that is exactly what happened foamies!  I was like what in the world is this.  So question for about a month out, what veggies did you ladies eat if any?


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One month out...hmmm

I wasn't eating many vegetables at all actually. 'm just going to fly over to My Fitness Pal and check my food diary. Ok... I had started on strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. They are basically the only fruit I eat (in very small quantities) . I have just added in 1/2 an apple once in a while.

For veggies, I ate a slice tomato with some balsamic vinegar often. Leafy greens like kale, spinach or bok choy were a staple over the summer. For example, I would put my protein on a bed (haha...more like a cradle considering the size) of sauteed or steamed greens.

I was also starting cauliflower puree to be mock mashed potatoes at around month 3. I just add some low fat chicken stock, salt, pepper and low fat parmesan cheese to it. It's pretty delicious.

Now...almost 5 months out I eat cucumber slices, mushrooms, some lettuce, zucchini, and lots of greens. Spaghetti squash has also become a favourite.

Hope that helps...but every surgeon is different.

on 10/1/13 9:48 am

Leroy does not like broccoli as much as I do. Oh the foamies that came with that!  

Lol about Zumba.  I've become quite the crop-duster! 


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Beany does not like broccoli , I get terrible gas


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Thank God there was no one directly behind me and a fan blowing LOL!!!
This is the first time I've had a problem with gas...oh but I love broccoli!!


on 10/1/13 10:48 am - VA
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I had problems with brocoli until about 7-8 months out...first it was immediate ejection, then just major discomfort.  BOY, I LOVE BROCOLI!!  I can handle it now without discomfort at all...

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