For all Newbie's or soon-to-be newbies: Here's the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the...

Pamela M.
on 7/31/15 9:27 am - Atlanta, GA
VSG on 08/25/14

This is MY truth - it doesn't have to be your truth but it "could be" your truth if you don't remain diligent.  I am almost 60 years old (it matters) and I have a desk job.  I had VSG on 8/25/14 and weighed 233 lbs.  At my 6 month check-up I had lost 67 lbs - not bad.  Now the uh-oh part of my story . . . my one-year check-up us scheduled for August 26.  Since February, I have only lost 12 lbs.  Why?  Here's the answer.  After 6 months, my tummy was fully healed and ready to be fed.  Which is what I have been doing - eating.  I log my food in Fitness Pal and I am consuming between 1,200 - 1,500 calories per day - and that's okay IF I don't want to reach goal.  I currently weigh 154.  I look great (compared to one year ago) and I feel great BUT I still don't have a normal BMI and that is not acceptable to me.  Observations:  MEASURE YOUR FOOD and eat less carbs, eat less period AND  exercise (have not done this since surgery).   The main thing I want to say to newbies is this:  the first six months is glorious - the weight melts away - BUT after your tummy heals the real work begins.  If you want to reach goal in 1 year, measure your food, weigh your food, don't eat anything unhealthy and stick to your nutritionist's plan and exercise (it will keep things moving in the right direction).  Hope this helps someone.  The first six months are pure MAGIC . . . after that it's just PLAIN HARD WORK!  This journey will never end and that's okay.  We can all succeed, we just have to do the work.


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on 7/31/15 9:55 am

Good for you for putting it out there. It's not easy.

You're right. It can get harder after the first six months, but it doesn't need to. Building good habits during those first months will go a long way to getting you to goal. 

Also, once at goal make sure to keep those habits up. Regain, even a little bit, is a real ***** to get off!


Tracy D.
on 7/31/15 10:21 am - Papillion, NE
VSG on 05/24/13

You are soooooooo right, Pam!  The first 6 months - heck, for me it was the first year - did seem like magic.  I could "cheat" on a pretty regular basis and the scale either rewarded me by continuing to go down or at least by not going up.  And then reality kicked in after my 1-year surgiversary and the "magic" came to a screeching halt.  

The good news is that my tool continues to work.  I just had plastics done in early July and kicked it into high gear post-op by cutting back calories and carbs and being super careful and strict with my food.  And guess what?  I've lost 15 lbs. in 3 weeks - now 7 of that I attribute to what was cut off my body but even 8 lbs. in 3 weeks is fantastic for me.  I wasn't losing that fast at the end of my WLS phase.  

It works if you work it, people!  

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Grim Traveller
on 7/31/15 10:30 am
RNY on 08/21/12

Wise words Pam. They call it the honeymoon period for a reason. It's incredibly easy for a while, and then gets really hard. 

You are ahead of the game because you keep track of what you eat. I feel bad for those that run into the same slowdown as you, but SWEAR they are not eating more.

Keep fighting. 

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GeekMonster, Insolent Hag
on 7/31/15 12:02 pm - CA
VSG on 12/19/13

  Right on, sistah~

Weight loss slows done for most of us after six months.  You may have some months that are better than others, but there's nothing like the initial weight loss boost.  I am 19 months post surgery.  Trying to keep myself in control and highly motivated is much more difficult.  I've lost a lot of weight, but I've let those sneaky carbs come back into my life in quantities that are not conducive for weight loss.

When I see people not taking full advantage of the initial months following WLS, I despair for them.  Drinking alcohol, eating sweets, junk food, etc., just to test what they can get away with is what put us all on the road to obesity in the first place.  

Thank you for posting this.  Newbies need to hear it again and again.  Some of them think they're experts already because they've "read" about it.  Living it is entirely different, n'est pas?

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on 7/31/15 1:36 pm - Grand Rapids , MI
VSG on 08/12/15

I'm pre op and I'm glad you posted this i knew but reading just kinda reinforces what I am thinking thanks I knew I wouldn't be easy but I know it will be worth it.

Elia Maria Saenz

on 8/3/15 10:07 pm


on 7/31/15 2:01 pm

Thanks so much for the honest post!  My surgery date is 8/17.  I started my pre-op weight loss diet a week early by my own choice and have not put one bite or one drop of food in my mouth that is not exactly a part of that program.  I feel that by doing this for 3 weeks I'm teaching myself the discipline I will need to apply for the rest of my life.  I fully intend to make this a life long change and hearing from you today just drove that home for me that much more!  Best of luck as you continue your journey!!

on 7/31/15 4:57 pm - Jersey City, NJ
VSG on 06/25/12

Great post!  Find some kind of exercise that you like... it may not help directly with the weight loss (according to most studies), but what I've found is that it definitely helps with attitude toward food - the more diligently I exercise and track food, the better I eat.  It's been the key to my longer-term success, I believe (just hit the three year mark and maintaining my weight loss well).  As one doctor put it, "If exercise was a drug, every doctor would prescribe it."  

Make it a habit - it will pay off is no many ways.

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Ethel S.
on 7/31/15 8:17 pm

Thanks for sharing this message. I am scheduled for surgery Aug 21st.  I appreciate your wisdom.  Despite not meeting your goal you have still done well.  I wish you continued success in your journey.  Thanks again!