How long will i be out of work

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on 6/19/17 9:13 am

Hi! I am having vsg on Thursday, 6/22/17. I have a desk job and can work from home on the computer. How long should I expect to be down/out of work? I requested off until July 5 completely and then maybe work a lot from home the next couple of weeks. Does that sound reasonable? Would I be able to go back sooner? How did you feel the week after surgery?

thanks for your help!

on 6/19/17 9:55 am
VSG on 05/22/17

I had surgery on a Monday and was back to work the following Monday. I worked from home a little before that but was glad to have taken the time out of the office. I felt almost back to normal within about two weeks. Good luck!

on 6/19/17 10:08 am
VSG on 06/13/17

I had surgery on June 13 and today I feel as though I could have gone back to work. I decided to take another week but honestly, I feel fine.

Best of luck.


on 6/19/17 10:21 am

I honestly felt better in a week but I took the 4 week timeframe given by my surgeon. See how you feel but you don't want to go back too soon as it may hinder your recovery time. Best of luck to you.

on 6/19/17 10:27 am - Arlington, TX
VSG on 08/17/16

I'm a computer geek with work-from-home options. I had surgery on a Wed, and was WFH the following Monday for a week. The next week I worked 3 days at the office (MWF) and 2 at home (my standard schedule).

I would have loved to have taken a full week completely off, then worked from home a week. I was exhausted, and it was hard going back while still on liquids and trying to make sure I drank enough water. That's almost a full time job for the first couple of weeks. But, I got through it OK. My pain was negligible by the 3rd day post-op and I had zero complications... just a little nausea but no vomiting.

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Erin T.
on 6/19/17 12:17 pm
VSG on 01/17/17

I am not the norm, it seems, but I felt pretty much like garbage for the first week. I'm not sure why other than I had terrible nausea post surgery for the first 48 hours and then after that, I was very tired and foggy headed. I did not take anything besides Tylenol after leaving the hospital (so it wasn't drugs) and my pain was very minimal. In my case, it was all just a generally systemic feeling of unwellness.

Anyway, I took off two weeks and I'm glad I did because 1-week post op I still felt pretty yucky and couldn't have gone back to my desk job. Two weeks, I was totally fine.

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Valerie G.
on 6/19/17 12:36 pm - Northwest Mountains, GA

How much critical thinking is required of you? For many, this was a problem for several weeks, even though they could sit at a desk. It's the fun of anesthesia fog. I'd try to at least work from home for a month before returning to work. I took 2 months off altogether, myself.

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on 6/23/17 5:58 pm

Thanks for your reply ,yes I had not thought of that. I am a trouble shooter so I may n=d to take a couple of weeks.

on 6/19/17 1:05 pm
VSG on 05/04/17

I had surgery on May 4 and went back to work May 29. For me this time frame was pretty good. Like most I didn't have pain I was just tired. It was nice to be able to rest and focus only on recovery. You are learning an entirely new life style. So being out as long as I was I felt like I was able to really recovery.

I dont know know about you my office is always full of junk food and not being around it helped break the craving and put me on a path of detoxing.

Gwen M.
on 6/19/17 1:41 pm
VSG on 03/13/14

It really depends on your pain and how long you'll need to take pain killers and how dopey they'll make you.

My surgeon recommends 2 weeks. As long as you can take breaks working from home and not need to maintain any set schedule, your plan is probably a good one!

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