Whatcha Eating Today VSGers? Thursday 9/7/17

Erin T.
on 9/7/17 3:14 am
VSG on 01/17/17

Good Morning, VSGers! Today is my Friday. I am taking the day off tomorrow as comp time for a weekend I worked recently. I am planning on throwing in a 5 1/2lb Prime Rib and having my co-workers over for lunch. Be prepared for a photo Friday with prep pictures!

Yesterday, I signed up for a Kettlebell class and a yoga class. My T/TH will now be insanely busy, but I think mostly fun. I have Kettlebell class from 11-12, the class I'm taking this semester (Terror & Terrorism) from 4-5:15 and then Yoga from 6-7pm. I will probably use the gap between class and yoga to run too. But, hey I can get all my working out into two days right?

QOTD: Do you subscribe to any monthly subscription boxes? I use Le Tote, which I've talked about here before. You pay one fee and they send you clothes to rent. As soon as you get them to the post office they send out a new box for you. I love this service, and it's been a money saver on buying new clothes. I've managed not to keep anything they've sent me so far! I also subscribe to Keto Krate, so I can try out new low-carb snack ideas. I'm only on my second month of that.

7 months post-op/Maintenance/138.8lbs

M1: Premier Protein, Coffee, Miralax and, HC

M2: Fage Total, SF Pudding Mix and Almonds (I think we're out of blueberries)

M3: Chicken Breast and a handful of popcorn

M4: Emiepie's Egg Salad w/ 2 slices of bacon crumbled in

E: Class tonight and it's raining, so we'll see.

VSG: 1/17/17

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Cecily C.
on 9/7/17 6:42 am - CA
VSG on 02/22/17

Back on track today! No more guests. It's supposed to be all of 58*, cloudy and windy today, but I will bundle up and walk. (58 is the equivalent of freezing to a Californian)

QOTD: No subscription boxes for me. I've been tempted a few times by some makeup ones mostly because I don't wear any, but wish I knew how so I felt comfortable in it, but haven't ever gone through with one.

B - coffee and yogurt

L - chicken

D - steak and salad

S - beef jerky

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Rachel B.
on 9/7/17 7:36 am, edited 9/7/17 1:58 am - Tucson, AZ
VSG on 08/11/08 with


QOTD: No boxes for me. Just subscribe and save from Amazon.

EDIT +++ Thanx Leslie! I get Bark Box for the kids! Definite HUGE enjoyment level for me!!!!+++

AM: White Choc Mocha

B: Red Grapefruit

L: Fresh Chicken Thigh (gotta put it in the pot now) cottage cheese & hummus

S: PP or another WC mocha

D: would like to pick up some salmon

Water & Vites

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Rachel, PMHNP-BC

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on 9/7/17 8:51 am
Revision on 03/14/18 with

Even though my one year mark isn't until the 12th, I have my follow up with the surgeon this afternoon. Can't wait to see my progress.

QOTD: I actually just recently cancelled my Ipsy bag that I was getting monthly. I've had it for so long that it was just starting to be a lot of repeat beauty samples. I've tried Nature box in the past way before surgery. The snacks where good but not worth the price. Also did about 3 months of the Cat box for Monster. She never liked any of the treats they sent and tore up all the toys in about a day. There are others that seem neat, but I just don't always have the extra funds for it.

B: L&F Greek yogurt with bran buds, coffee

L: buffalo Chicken salad with a Wasa cracker

D: Turkey enchilada skillet

S: Protein bar

E: Walking


on 9/7/17 9:02 am
VSG on 11/29/16

Hi everyone! This week is flying by! I've been fielding applications for adoptions for my pups and they are getting fixed tomorrow, so this weekend will be a whirlwind too, I am sure! :)

B; Coffee & Chocolate Premier

S: watermelon

L: grilled chicken and Colby cheese

S: greek yogurt

D: turkey stuffed peppers (no rice)

water, vites/sup and walks in!

on 9/7/17 9:34 am, edited 9/7/17 2:34 am
RNY on 07/23/14
On September 7, 2017 at 10:14 AM Pacific Time, Erin T. wrote:

Not sure why it quoted you- buy i deleted it.

Did you like the olives in the Keto Krate? I really enjoyed them.


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Erin T.
on 9/7/17 10:08 am
VSG on 01/17/17

I did really like the olives, although I'm also fine with cheap normal green olives too so I haven't looked into buying them. I did buy some of the Pork Clouds because the friend we have living with us loved them.

VSG: 1/17/17

5'7" HW: 283 SW: 229 CW: 130-ish GW: 145

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on 9/7/17 10:13 am
RNY on 07/23/14

They have the olive case of packs on Amazon. It's in my cart for 'one day' ..I like the single serve nature. Actually just ordered the giant tub of UTZ pork rinds from Amazon. It arrives tomorrow.

Cynthia 5'11" RNY 7/23/2014

Maintaining a 220lb Weight Loss
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Gwen M.
on 9/7/17 10:05 am
VSG on 03/13/14

Today is a busy, pain, and cold day for me. I had to cancel on my bereavement group walking meet up due to pain. 95% of the time I feel GREAT but 5% of the time my body is all "LOLZ you had surgery 24 days ago you idiot" and I don't feel very good. Today I woke up and it was the 5%. I'm limited in what I can take to manage the pain because I have things/driving to do today. It's also in the 60s out today which, for most people, is awesome, but for me means that I'll freeze especially because I'll be in a restaurant, in a library, and then in the choir room and these places are always cold. So I'm wearing leggings and a long skirt :P

QOTD: For myself? No. I can't do food boxes because I'll eat the stuff. I tried a yoga jewelry box for a few months and I really liked it, but I suck at remembering to wear jewelry so it was a waste for me. I do send Tinker Crate to one of my best friend's children, and I also have a sock subscription for my mom :)

1: protein shake
2: indian with bff! Since I'm not going to have a cooler with me, I think I'll just get paneer pakora.
3: protein bar on the way home from choir? I don't know. Lunch isn't until 3:30 so we'll see.

liquid and vites: on track
exercise: nope

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Kristi T.
on 9/7/17 10:15 am - MT
VSG on 02/09/16

Good morning everyone!

Having a yoga class after the Terror & Terrorism class might come in very handy Erin!

QOTD-I don't subscribe to any boxes, but have been thinking about signing up for Bark Box. Every time I come home from the store, Emmy always thinks I have something for her:-) She would love to get a box just for her every month, and so would I!

B-same ole yogurt w/chia, pumpkin and flax seed mix. I'm going to roast some walnuts and almond slivers in coconut oil today so I can change it up a little.

L-Hard boiled egg and string cheese

S-Chai tea w/vanilla protein shake

D-Ham and 15 bean soup

E-No walk today, I've seen way too many people with breather masks on this morning!

Going to peel and core the apples I picked on Monday and start dehydrating them today. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday.