on 9/10/17 7:21 am
VSG on 11/01/17

today I treated myself!!!! tomorrow is the one month pre-diet....before my 2 week liquid diet starts.... So I treated myself to MY FAVORITE TREAT OF ALL TIMES!!! A mouth watering Cadbury egg..... except it was not good as I remember, it was really really sweet and way to much.... kind of happy I did not enjoy it, kind of sad I wasted my money, and it sucked..... But on a positive note 6 WEEKS AND COUNTING!!!! 10 DAYS TO MY NEXT WEIGH IN, AND 13 DAY TO MY HEAD EXAM

diane S.
on 9/10/17 10:37 am

Try to remember that the Cadbury egg was sort of icky so you won't be tempted later. I used to live on Reeces' peanut butter cups. Since surgery 7 years ago I have eaten less than a dozen of the little ones. GL with your journey, Diane S

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T Hagalicious Rebel

on 9/10/17 1:32 pm - Brooklyn
VSG on 04/25/14 with

Food funerals are common & the pre op diet kinda sucks. The head stuff to work thru is a pita too but it's needed for long term success. Just remember that in the future you're probably gonna want to treat yourself & it'll be better to look for non food ways to treat yourself. Food as treats is a hard habit to break!

No one surgery is better than the other, what works for one may not work for another. T-Rebel

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