Surgeons Appointment - 2.5 Months Post Op

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VSG on 06/26/17

Hi All

I had my surgeons follow up yesterday after work.

Hes happy with my progress and weight loss but told me he thinks my goal is in his words "Ambitious" Hmmmmm. I want to loose 51 kgs (112.2 lbs) I have lost 22.1 kgs (48.62) in 2.5 months. He thought I would loose around 30 kilos (66lbs) or so in total and said that my goal is the very low end of what he projects. Meaning a lot of people dont make it down that low. Hes happy with my eating (protein forward always) and is pleased I am able to start walking especially due to all the damage to my knee (up for a replacement at some stage)

Whilst I respect him for being a straight talker I came away with a little less bounce in my step. Mentally I guess I was seeking approval. He did say Im doing so well that I dont need to come bac****il my surgiversary and he looks forward to seeing me. I thought about it driving home and have decided to make it a challenge rather than a negative as I know he wants me to do the best I can. And quite frankly I need to make myself a priority for my own health and wellbeing.

Onwards and downwards - watch this space :)


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VSG on 02/15/17

They go by a percentage of pounds expected to lose. Some do better than others. My surgeon and I had a long talk about it at my 6 month check up. He said he was pleasantly surprised that I was almost to goal. He asked me how I did it so fast (which to me it wasn't). I said I followed the plan. I eat mostly protein, and my few carbs are from fruit, yogurt, milk and legumes. I don't drink empty calories and I don't cheat very often. No fast food, just a little alcohol on special occasions and really that's it. I'm up to 1,000 calories now a day and that is with 3 meals and 2 snacks. If you follow the plan and eat healthy you will get to your goal.

Some people that have the surgeries get bored and go back to their bad eating habits. For me, this is my life and have found things that I truly enjoy eating and fully satisfy me.

You can do it!!!

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VSG on 06/26/17

Well done LifeisAwesome. You have done amazing.

I am by no means perfect but I am getting there. No doubt I will hit some bumps in the road as I get further out but for now Im trying to make the best of this gorgeous tool we have and make hay while the sun shines :)

Thanks for your support. I think this board is awesome.

Erin T.
on 9/11/17 2:22 pm
VSG on 01/17/17

Get it, girl! There are so many of us here who have lost down to normal BMI. I have lost 92lbs in 7 months since surgery and 145lbs overall and my BMI is in the mid-21's. It's totally doable.

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VSG on 06/26/17

Thanks Erin. You are a machine and someone I look up to due to your drive and dedication.

Im going to do exactly that - go get it :)

Cathy H.
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VSG on 10/31/16

Yes, I think surgeons tend to set higher weight goals so people don't get discouraged. I say lose until you don't feel like losing any more. It's your body, your life, you decide what is best for you. I'm so close to my and my surgeon's goal I can taste it...but I know that deep down I'm not going to be happy there, so I fully intend to revamp my goal once I reach this one. I will lose until I feel I'm finally in the body I was meant to have, and won't settle for one pound more!

You go girl!!

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VSG on 06/26/17

You are so dedicated Cathy and deserve to reach your goal and surpass it. As I said with Erin, you are another one I look up too as a relative newbie.

Look forward to sharing in your success

This board is just terrific

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VSG on 08/17/16

My surgeon also low-balled her goal for me. I passed it some 30-40# ago. I recently had my surgiversary, and she was over the moon about my loss. I won't be happy until I've lost another 25# or so, but all of my doctors are thrilled right now.

They have to establish the goals on paper based on an average, but we're individuals not averages. You know where you will be happy and feel your best, focus on that and you'll just amaze the docs. :D

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VSG on 06/26/17

Thanks Anti - I understand they have to work on averages as thats how our society basically functions but I wonder if they realise that THUD effect that being told you are being ambitious leaves you with? Im a fighter and will work with how I feel and look and be guided by DH and those close to me

Well done on your amazing loss :) Your doctors should be thrilled. Cant wait for next June when I can shock mine. Theres a goal right there huh :)

on 9/12/17 7:45 am - Arlington, TX
VSG on 08/17/16

Just a note about DH's and families...

Mine is incredibly supportive, don't get me wrong. But he started complaining about me getting "too skinny" about 20# ago. He's very disappointed that I lost my butt, though I'm hoping to get some nice shape back with weight workouts. He's very worried that another 25# (my goal) will make me look (to him) like skin and bones.

My DH met me at about 285# and saw me go up to my high of 306#. He's never known me thin. Most of my friends have never seen me below 230# and my family hasn't seen me below 200# since I was 19 (I turn 48 this year). I'm sitting right at 198-199# right now. So everyone in my life is worried that I'm getting too skinny.

I have 3 friends who had RNY and each of them got to a place where I thought (as a medical person) that they looked like cancer patients. Then they "fleshed back out" and they all look great now. I don't know that everyone goes through this, but I think it's probably pretty common with rapid weight loss.

I'm focusing on my goal, because heck I can always put weight back on. I want to get to goal and then stay within 10# of goal for a year or so and THEN see what I look/feel like. We can always put weight back on. Hubby and family will just have to deal with their concerns until then. I do NOT want to live at 200+ ever again.

* 8/16/2017 - ONEDERLAND!! *

HW 306 - SW 297 - GW 175 - Surg VSG with Melanie Hafford on 8/17/2016

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Blog Posts - The Easy Way Out // Cheating on Post-Op Diet