Onederland and Other Things

on 9/13/17 8:22 am
VSG on 03/21/17

So 2 weeks ago I finally hit Onederland and now I'm closer to 190 (115# down). But I've been crazy busy I haven't had the time so think. I leave for Georgia to visit family tomorrow and we still don't know if we can get on the island to get my grandfather home yet.

I had surgery almost 6 months ago and Friday one of the ladies that had surgery on the same day passed away. It has me and my other surgery buddies a bit freaked out. We don't know exactly how she passed other than she took a nap and never woke up. We have our 6 month check up scheduled for next Tuesday and since we all meet at the same time it will be very different without her there.

Also, I haven't told many people that I had surgery, but I have made sure to post lots of facebook posts about all the biking I'm doing (about 100 miles per week) in the hopes that will distract people from prying. I'm also not keeping it from people and if they ask I will talk a bit about it with them. Last night I went to dinner with some people from my bike club after a shortened version of our Tuesday ride and one of the ladies who know I had lost weight but not had surgery found out. She had to then tell me that EVERYONE she knew that had surgery gained back all their weight plus some. She won't stop talking about it even after I repeatedly tried to change the subject. I just don't get why people think I need to know this. I'm not the people they know, they're not me, and telling me I'm going to gain weight does nothing to help me! Okay done with the rant.

White Dove
on 9/13/17 8:35 am

Lots of people do gain all their weight back, but they are not people who bike 100 miles a week. At five years, it is probably close to 50 percent. One of the things that will help the most is staying active.

There are many people who lose their weight and keep it off. It is not easy. Most gain back some weight after five or more years.

Losing your surgery buddy is terrible. I am so sorry to hear that. There was one lady from our center who passed away shortly after surgery.

She was a very nice woman who basically never got out of a chair all day. She went home after surgery, refused to do any walking and developed a clot that took her life.

Keep living your healthy lifestyle and take the attitude that those people will now have at least one person in their lives who lost weight through surgery and kept it off.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 9/13/17 9:28 am
VSG on 10/25/16

Actually, with better pre op education and treatment of underlying mental and emotional issues, more people than ever are keeping their weight off.

My response is, "your commitment nets are not helpful to me, but thanks so much for your concern"

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