Invitation to participate in OH Surgery Survey (x-post)

VSG on 12/10/13

Hello OH friends,

As you're probably aware, there can be a lot of conflicting information out there about WLS. What things do all patients go through? What are common factors to success? What things should we avoid? The wisdom and experiences seen on the forums here don't always match up with what we hear from doctors.

To address this, I'm doing an informal survey of WLS patients who hang out here on OH. I've put together a short questionnaire that asks about your surgery, your health, your habits, and your experiences. It is completely anonymous and participation is voluntary.

Check out the survey here!

I will use the information gathered from this survey to assemble some statistics about what our group looks like, and make it available for everyone who uses the forums. I believe it will come in very handy for new members and people interested in surgery-- with information like "roughly this many people on the forums have experienced iron deficiency" or "most RNY people here do this," we can provide some solid information to back up our advice.

Helpful things to know:

  • No identifying information is collected at any time. You don't need to share your OH username, email address, real name, or anything else that could identify you.

  • All questions are optional, and you may stop the survey at any time.

  • The information I collect will not be used for any marketing purposes or otherwise shared. I will create a summary report and post it here on OH, and that will be the extent of it.

  • I'm a professional data nerd. Research surveys are what I do for a living! I can offer my assurances that this project and report will be treated with the utmost professionalism and respect.

The survey should take about five minutes to complete, and I'm hoping to provide the results by the end of December. I'd really appreciate your help!

Take the survey here!

Feel free to PM if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks so much for your participation!

* This research project has been approved by OH Member Services.

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