One Year Surgiversary - 12/06/2017

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Wow!!!!! I can't believe its been one year already. VSG was one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself. I feel that I have accomplished a lot, but I still have some additional positive habits to learn, in addition to weight loss and fitness goals to achieve. My highest weight was 276, my surgery weight was 258 and today I am 185. I lost a total of 73 lbs over the course of a year. My goal weight is 160, and although I feel that I could've reached this goal within this past year - it is still a journey and somewhat of a challenge to ensure that I am making good decisions regarding my food choices, being mindful of mindless eating, and making sure that I make daily fitness a ritual. I accomplished goals that I didn't even know I wanted to achieve. I bought a fitbit, I average 11k steps a day, I park far away from my destinations, I take the stairs at work and climb an average of 34 stairs a day, I am able to jog without stopping for at least 20 minutes straight (lol), I am able to run 7.0 mph on the treadmill without losing my breath (even if it is only for a short period of time, another lol), my joints do not ache when I work out and overall I just feel good about myself. I was not confident as a larger individual, I was wearing a size 20 in pants and an XL/XXL in tops. Today, I wear a size 12 in pants (loosely :-) ) and a Medium in Shirts. I feel confident about my body, the way I look, the way If feel, and how my body works. I used to be very tired and lethargic, now I have energy most days and exercise at minimum 5 days a week for an average of 90 minutes a day. In addition to this, I also cut out most meats and only eat seafood - living a pescaterian lifestyle (4 months solid). Although I have all of these accomplishments, my biggest fear is that I will fall off of the wagon and gain weight again. However, I am not going to allow that fear to control me and my future habits. For the next year, I would like to continue to focus on my eating choices - make sure I am cutting out/ significantly reducing processed foods, maintain a strict daily calorie limit, and tell myself that I can do anything. I will continue to keep my progress posted, and I am going to work towards reaching my goal weight of 160 by April of next year if possible (my wedding anniversary - vacation in Jamaica woohooo...want to look stunning for my husband :-) ). Even if I do not reach this goal weight, I am confident that this surgery has taught me some positive habits and behaviors that would possibly not have been achieved if I did not have the surgery. Progress is a Process....and I'm here for it!!!!

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Congratulations, you look stunning. Best of luck in your continuing journey to reach your goal.

Gwen M.
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Congrats! Hope to see you stick around as you continue to work toward your goals!

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Mahonia R.
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Jess Says Yes
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Congratulations! It's inspiring to hear all the positive changes that have happened through your hard work over the past year. Thanks for sharing, you look gorgeous & happy!


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VSG on 09/29/17

You look great and I imagine you feel even better. Congratulations on all the hard work and effort!


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WLS on 12/21/15

You look Stunning! You are a beautiful woman and you sure know how to dress!

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VSG on 12/18/17

You look Fabulously Beautiful. Bless God you-did that. I love it. You have inspired me and your pictures are wonderful. Any advice for us looking to accomplish your outcomes. It looks to me that you have avoided even having a lot of excess skin, which is one of my minor concerns. Keep up the great work and keep us all posted.

Shannon S.
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VSG on 11/07/17

You look amazing. I love when people post pics. So inspirational. I can't wait to buy my cute back dress!!!!