Whatcha Eating Today VSGers? Thursday 12/7/17

Erin T.
on 12/7/17 2:59 am
VSG on 01/17/17

Morning. The kid's holiday concert was cute last night. Today I'm meeting with my group to start our final project. I'm really ready for this class to be over!

QOTD: Do you like to wrap gifts? Are you a neat wrapper? I like to wrap for the first 5 or so gifts and then I get bored. I'm good at it though. My husband, who is good at everything, is not good at wrapping gifts - so of course, I make him help.

10 months post-op/Maintenance/132.2lbs

M1: Coffee, PP, Miralax, HC

M2: Eggs & Cheese


M4: Chuck Eye Steak w/ Cauliflower Rice (didn't end up eating this last night)

M5: Yogurt w/ PB

E: I need to go to the fitness center for a run, I didn't make it yesterday. I've been a slacker.

VSG: 1/17/17

HW: 283 SW: 229 CW: 130-ish GW: 145

Goal Reached 7/31/17!!!

Pre-op: 53 M1: 22 M2: 12 M3: 12 M4: 8 M5: 10 M6: 11 M7: 5 M8: 6 M9: 2.4


on 12/7/17 3:29 am, edited 12/6/17 7:52 pm
VSG on 12/14/17

Good morning!

QOTD: I despise wrapping and I am TERRIBLE at it. Luckily, my younger sister lives with me and she's a wonderful wrapper. I'm pretty sure she could work in giftwrapping, as they always look so fabulous! When I have to wrap something myself, I always use bags and tissue paper!

B:lean shake burn chocolate mocha shake

L: premier protein vanilla shake with 1 packet of decaf coffee and splenda

S: Quest vanilla shake with 1 tablespoon PB2. OR 1 cup of vegan protein broth

D:premier protein chocolate shake

Working on water now!

on 12/7/17 4:09 am
VSG on 08/21/17 with

Good morning! I've been slacking about OH the past few days. I had an appointment with my surgeon yesterday. He was very pleased with my progress. He said that at the 3-3.5 month mark, most people have lost about 30% of their excess weight. I have lost almost 47%. I can really attribute that to this website. He said that if I want to reach my goal of a normal BMI, I should really double down on my efforts for the next three months. He also encouraged me to do more upper body workouts. He said that the upper body is less efficient than the lower, and so burns more calories. Oh - and I got permission to drink club soda. I tried some last night and it went well.

QOTD - I worked at Bed, Bath and Beyond for a year during college. I got pretty good at wrapping gifts because we had to do so many for weddings. Like you, Erin, when I have a lot to do I get a little sloppy. I don't usually do bows for Christmas presents, because we have to bring a lot of them other places and the bows get crushed. I do top one gift for each person with a homemade ornament. This year it's a painted glass ball with some gold foil on the bottom.

B - coffee, cottage cheese

L - shrimp

S - protein shake

D - sausage, some sort of vegetable

E - kettlebell workout

water and vitamins on track

5'2" VSG: 8/21/17 HW: 261 SW:243 CW: 193

Pre-Op: 15 M1: 19.8 M2: 10.5 M3: 13.7

on 12/7/17 5:09 am - Jacksonville, FL
VSG on 09/29/17

Good morning everyone. Hubby is not working today so it is a honey-do day. Honey do this, Honey do that.

QOTD: I like to wrap one or two, then I'm done. I'm a perfectionist so it gets tedious after the first few. I leave it to others if I can.

M1: egg and turkey sausage burrito (1/2)

M2: LO Stuffed pepper

M3: Chicken meatball and homemade tomato sauce

M4: Fage, protein powder and SF pistachio pudding

M5: Sous vide beef ribs and a veg

S: Jerky or a protein snack... depends on what of the above gets eaten

E: Cleaning and organizing.

Water and vits on track


VSG with Dr. Wanchick - Sept 29 2017

Age 52 Height 5'2" HW 585 (2012) SW 460 (9/29/2017) CW 399.4 (12/16/2017) Next Goal 375 Starting BMI 95.5

Pre-Op: 62 M1: 36 M2: 20 M3: ?

Liz WantsHealthForAll
on 12/7/17 5:11 am - Cape Cod, MA
VSG on 03/28/16

Good morning! We are going to see the Christmas lights at the Edison/Ford Estates with friends tonight, so that should be fun.

QOTD: I am a terrible, impatient wrapper. Gift bags are my best friends.

1 year, 8 months post-op, maintenance:

B: eggbeaters, cottage cheese, and Canadian bacon

L: Tuna salad, pickles and cottage cheese

D: Fish and veggies (out to eat)

S: nut thins and hummus, yogurt

Liz 5'3" HW: 219 (BMI 38.8) SW: 185 GW: 125 CW: 115-118 (BMI 20.4-20.9) - TT and facelift 1/11/2017.

WL: Pre-op: -34 M1: -17 M2: -12 M3: -11 M4: -7 M5: -7 M6: -5.5 M7: -3.3 M8: -3.3 M9: -2.5 UNDER GOAL! Average calories in maintenance approximately 1350

Keith L.
on 12/7/17 6:18 am - Navarre, FL
VSG on 09/28/12 with

QOTD: I do one nice/neat one and then I get the rest done as quickly as I can. So I make the first one someone who is important to me.

B: Greek Yogurt

S: Coffee...did not get much sleep last night

L: Chicken Wings

S: Probably gonna need more coffee

D: Taco Meat

S: Protein Peanut Butter

W: Yep

E: Too Cold today!

VSG: 9/28/2012 - Dr. Sergio Verboonen  My Food/Recipe Blog - MyBigFatFoodie.com

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Gwen M.
on 12/7/17 6:26 am
VSG on 03/13/14

I forgot, yesterday, that I had leftover pho. So I had that for lunch instead of quiche. Today I'll finish off the quiche!

I measured myself yesterday out of random curiosity and am 36-30-36. If that's not hourglass, I don't know what is. :D

QOTD: These questions remind me of how much of Christmas is tied up with my dad. I liked to wrap gifts - he taught me how. I am an AMAZING wrapper. Now I'd rather just get gift bags. Too many fresh memories.

1: protein shake
2: quiche
3: not sure since it's a leftover night
4: second protein shake

liquid and vites: on track
exercise: nope

VSG with Dr. Salameh - 3/13/2014
Diagnosed with Binge Eating Disorder and started Vyvanse - 7/22/2016
Reconstructive Plastics with Dr. Michaels - 6/5/2017 (LBL&brachioplasty), 8/14/2017 (UBL&mastopexy), 11/6/2017 (medial leg lift)

Age 40 Height 5'4" HW 319 (1/3/2014) SW 293 (3/13/2014) CW 149 (7/16/2017)
Next Goal 145 - normal BMI | Total Weight Lost 170

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on 12/7/17 6:38 am
VSG on 10/17/16

Woot on the measurements!

HW: 375 SW: 282 CW: 167 GW: 159

Gwen M.
on 12/7/17 6:41 am
VSG on 03/13/14

I know, right!? I was thrilled :D

VSG with Dr. Salameh - 3/13/2014
Diagnosed with Binge Eating Disorder and started Vyvanse - 7/22/2016
Reconstructive Plastics with Dr. Michaels - 6/5/2017 (LBL&brachioplasty), 8/14/2017 (UBL&mastopexy), 11/6/2017 (medial leg lift)

Age 40 Height 5'4" HW 319 (1/3/2014) SW 293 (3/13/2014) CW 149 (7/16/2017)
Next Goal 145 - normal BMI | Total Weight Lost 170

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Kristi T.
on 12/7/17 10:16 am
VSG on 02/09/16

36-30-36, you've got some beautiful curves Gwen!

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