Another milestone - no more goals for me.

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I write no more goals, but there is still one which I will name at the end of this post. Today I reached another arbitrary milestone. I am now 25 lbs below my stretch goal, 50 lbs below my original goal, and 75 lbs (approximately) below what they told me was average for losing weight with the sleeve.

I started out at 481 lbs. The people at the bariatric center gave me all sorts of numbers to consider when I started this process in June of 2016. The two most important to me at the time were excess fat, and average expected weight loss. Doing the math using those numbers, I arrived at a weight of approximately 350 lbs. I resolved to be better than average, so I set an initial goal of 325 lbs. I blew through that easily, so I set a stretch goal of 300 lbs by the time of my one year surgery anniversary. One that day, I was 285 lbs.

At this writing I am a few days short of 14 months from surgery. When I hopped on the scale this morning (I weigh every day) I was tickled pink to see that I was dead on at 275.0 lbs. it got me to thinking that perhaps I had not been ambitious enough in setting my goals. I have certainly been aggressive in reaching them though. I have been diligent about a protein rich diet. I do go off the rails for a treat of Bad Food every now and then, but it is a once and done thing. After that it is back to behaving myself for the next little while.

Some of you reading this will wonder, thinking 275 is still obese. If you look at a BMI chart, it is. The first two letters in BMI are BM, and that's about what the BMI chart is worth as far as I am concerned. Even my surgeon told me not to pay it any mind. According to that chart, I am at 36.3 - obese. While I may end up fighting with people who can't see past a number on some things, the reality is I have very little fat left to lose. I am very happy at this weight, happy enough that I don't really want to lose much more. I am starting to think about a flapectomy though, just to get where my drawers fit a little better. But even if that doesn't happen, I will be content.

And that one goal that is left, even if I started out with "no more goals"? My long term goal is to keep on doing what I have been doing for the last year and a half, which is how long I've been at this. I've lost a total of 206 lbs to date. I intend to keep it off. Lots of protein and lots of exercise have helped there.

Part of this is "Hey, look what I did!" But part of it is encouragement for anyone reading this. Stick to your plan, don't beat yourself up over small failures or obstacles, and keep looking forward. You can get there just like I am doing if you set your mind to it. I have attached a picture from my one year anniversary. I am 10 lbs lighter now, but it just goes to show, a 36 BMI ain't all it's purported to be.

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My docs don't concern themselves overmuch with BMI. I will always be in the "overweight" category BMI-wise, and they're still cartwheeling over my loss so far. BMI charts are less helpful the further you get away from an average height, and you appear to be tall in your pics (I think you posted your height at one point but I don't recall offhand...)

If you really wanted to get picky, I'd suggest a DEXA scan to get the exact numbers of fat%, muscle% and such, and I'd view those numbers as more trustworthy than BMI.

For me, the focus is feeling healthy and being able to do the things I want (well, within the limits of my chronic conditions...). A bonus is liking what I'm seeing in the mirror. :)


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Thank you. I am fairly tall, although I seem to be getting shorter every year. I am officially 6' 1". I have thought about a DEXA scan. You should see what I went through to get an RMR test done, and it ain't even done yet. But I have gotten approval for it to be done in January. I can just see what they might say if I ask for a DEXA scan. With the RMR, I had to get a prescription from a doctor even though I am paying for it myself. You'd think I was asking for narcotics or something!

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Geez. Check with your local university. They often have programs for this stuff because the students need hands-on. I can get a DEXA for about $80 at mine, and it says nothing about needing a prescription. I think they also do RMR, but I didn't look at that. :)

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VSG on 10/24/17

You have done an AMAZING job and are definitely above average in weight loss. I agree that you need to be at peace with what you've done and are doing. The numbers are just numbers.

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VSG on 10/11/16

Thank you. It has been work, but it hasn't been anything extraordinary. I think most of us here can do it - probably all of us.

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Very powerful words Bill! Congratulations on a job well done and thank you for paying it forward.

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Congratulations Bill, amazing job! The most important thing is to be at a place where you feel the most comfortable, happy and healthy. You look great!

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Congrats on all your hard work. Numbers are just numbers. Do you feel good in the skin you're in? If yes, stay where you are. I never set a goal weight when I started. As I have gotten closer to the end of losing, I think I'd like to lose another 15 pounds - but it has more to do with how I feel I look. I don't want to look "too" thin. And at my quasi goal of 150, I will still be overweight per the BMI charts. But right now, I'm sitting at about 32% body fat per the InBody scale at my health club (which they say is fairly accurate) and I'd like to get that down to 26% - so if you're happy - that's all that matters. The rest of them can take a long walk off a short pier.

Keep on losing!


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Great job, LB!!!!

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