on 12/28/17 9:49 pm

Im beyond scared everyone!! Tomorrow is my pre-op, would they cancel if tomorrow's weight isn't where it should be? I gained 3 pounds over Xmas, I'm on my cycle and I only got this date because of a cancellation after waiting over 7 months!!! If my weight is off tomorrow, I know I can lose the few pounds in the 10 days I have left if they let me. I pray they're understanding.

My mind is spinning, what to pack, am I taking enough vitamins, will I fail? Ugh!! Also I have a freaking sore throat!! Worst luck ever :-(

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on 12/29/17 8:43 am
VSG on 12/14/17

You'll be fine! I know what I'd pack but there are those here who would be against that. I would just say that you don't need anything and if you've gained weight, I don't think they would stop you from having the surgery. I would call the doc to see if you need to bring anything and ask during pre-op too.

One thing that I would do this week is to get all of your prescriptions filled and picked up BEFORE the surgery. You never know how long they might keep you and I was almost released on a Sunday (luckily I was released Sat) but you could be released late at night as well.

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VSG on 12/10/13

Only your doctor can tell you if s/he would cancel due to pre-op weight. Some surgeons don't care, others will close your right back up if they find that your liver didn't shrink enough on the post-op diet. Call them and ask.

What vitamins are you currently taking? We can advise if you've got a good regimen. Generally speaking, the ASMBS recommends 200% RDA of all vitamins and minerals, plus additional calcium and iron.

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