on 12/28/17 9:49 pm

Im beyond scared everyone!! Tomorrow is my pre-op, would they cancel if tomorrow's weight isn't where it should be? I gained 3 pounds over Xmas, I'm on my cycle and I only got this date because of a cancellation after waiting over 7 months!!! If my weight is off tomorrow, I know I can lose the few pounds in the 10 days I have left if they let me. I pray they're understanding.

My mind is spinning, what to pack, am I taking enough vitamins, will I fail? Ugh!! Also I have a freaking sore throat!! Worst luck ever :-(

I started at 256, I'm at 244 now.... he wanted me to be 239 surgery day. Dr

Dr. Hahn, Fremont CA Kaiser

on 12/29/17 8:43 am
VSG on 12/14/17

You'll be fine! I know what I'd pack but there are those here who would be against that. I would just say that you don't need anything and if you've gained weight, I don't think they would stop you from having the surgery. I would call the doc to see if you need to bring anything and ask during pre-op too.

One thing that I would do this week is to get all of your prescriptions filled and picked up BEFORE the surgery. You never know how long they might keep you and I was almost released on a Sunday (luckily I was released Sat) but you could be released late at night as well.

Trying to lose weight and change my lifestyle! My main goal is 220.

Sparklekitty, Hag of Science
on 12/29/17 8:53 am
VSG on 12/10/13

Only your doctor can tell you if s/he would cancel due to pre-op weight. Some surgeons don't care, others will close your right back up if they find that your liver didn't shrink enough on the post-op diet. Call them and ask.

What vitamins are you currently taking? We can advise if you've got a good regimen. Generally speaking, the ASMBS recommends 200% RDA of all vitamins and minerals, plus additional calcium and iron.

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