My first follow-up appt with surgeon...

on 4/7/06 11:42 am - Triangle Area, NC
Pretty awesome! Also interesting. Dr. Jossart usually sees patients at three weeks post-op, but since I am moving in a few weeks it was pushed up a bit. I am 11 days post-op. By his scale, I have lost 20 pounds! He used my weight from my consultation minus my current weight. I lost a bit of weight in between consulation and surgery. For my own records, I am using my pre-op weight taken on my scale day before surgery. By my scale, I have lost 11 pounds. Oh well - it's all good. He checked out my incisions and said they are healing well. I asked him if I could take a bath and he said yes. I love me a soak in the tub! Dr. Jossart is just so very nice, reassuring. He asked how I am feeling and I told him I feel just about back to normal but that I am very hungry. I said I want to eat so much and confessed that I ate a bite of cottage cheese a few days ago, but I chewed, chewed, chewed it (if you can imagine cottage cheese being chewed) before swallowing. He said I could go ahead and start with soft foods like cottage cheese, yogurt, eggs, etc. I like that he has rules but sees them as guidelines. He liked my food and weight charting and said patients who log food intake have a 10% greater success rate. I will do future post-op visits via e-mail, as it is common for him to do that with out of town patients. During my surgery, Dr. Jossart found a lot of adhesions on my liver. My liver was normal size but the adhesions were from my gallbladder, which was removed. My gallbladder was full of stones and in bad shape. I was advised to have it removed three years ago, but I am just not a surgery person. Dr. Jossart had to remove the adhesions from my liver. It is weird to read the surgical report he gave me to give to my doctor. Everything is so precise and documented. It is weird to read about me in the report. At one point, Dr. Jossart does a leak test and said on his report "patient positioned head down" -- it is so weird that all of this was going on with my body and I didn't even know it. That was probably my last visit with Dr. Jossart. I feel sad. Funny along these lines -- and please don't read more into this than what I mean it to be -- but I understand these women who fall in love with their ministers or doctors a bit more.'m not in love with Dr. Jossart, but will confess to thinking highly of him for his surgical skills and liking/him loving him platonically the way a person does who is treated with kindness, care and respect. Anyway, I met him during my consultation. Around that time, I was in the LapSF chat with doctors. No doctors were in the rooms but there were about three women who were discussing what a hottie Dr. Jossart is. This actually happened a day before I met Dr. Jossart. When I met him, I thought he was handsome -- certainly not ugly-- but I wasn't swooning over him like these women were. I saw him at the hospital for my surgery and same response. When I saw him today, he suddenly seemed more attractive to me -- yeah, to hottie level. I think my emotions of feeling thankful that this person has helped me to change my life in such a profound way is the real attraction. I hope I explained that like I meant it to be. You still with me? Sorry...I have to take you with me to Trader Joe's. I went there right after my appt to get some soft foods, protein and other stuff for my family. Can you see where this might be going? permission for soft food + me very hungry (couldn't stomach my trial protein shake in the morning) + me having not chewed food for almost two weeks + free sample POTATO LATKES = my first understanding of choosing food wisely and eating the right amount So yes, I took the potato latke, telling myself it was just fried mashed potato. It wasn't the ideal soft food, but I chewed it so much -- there was only liquid in my mouth (sorry, gross) and then swallowed. I did this two more times. Then that feeling hit me. I have never felt it. Weird though, my very full feeling is not that different than my hungry feeling. Does anyone else have a hard time with stomach feelings now? I did ok. I didn't get sick or anything but just knew I had pushed the envelope and felt badly because that is not what Dr. Jossart meant by trying soft foods. BTW, I met two other WLS patients of Dr. Jossarts -- both had the VG. It was so nice to chat with them and they are doing well with their weight loss. I wish I wasn't moving because it is so nice to make these local connections. I am very glad I have this place, too. You guys ain't chopped liver and are better than over chewed potato latkes. ~Rondi~
barbara n
on 4/7/06 11:57 am - NH
Rondi, I'm so glad you're allowed food. Don't worry about the potato latkes, you probably were only to eat such a small amount anyway. Your talking about chewing and chewing reminded me of a friend I have at work who had the RNY almost 1 year ago. She has lost a lot of weight and looks terrific. I really value her advice. Well, at 3 weeks I was told I could take my pills whole . I took my colace that way so gladly, but right before I started to take my multi-vit and calcium I remembered this friend telling me how she chews everything, even pudding still. She told me how one time she didn't remember to chew so much and something got caught and how terrible it was, couldn't even swallow her own saliva. So here I am about to take this pill and all I can remember is her story. I decided to cut the pills in half for a while, but I take them whole know. Eventually I don't think we will have to chew to that degree, but I'm still pretty careful right now, but I don't chew pudding or applesauce! Glad you had a good visit. Enjoy the cottage cheese!, Barbara
on 4/7/06 12:02 pm - Naples, FL
Well, I personally like chopped livers but have never had over-chewed or any potato latkes ever! LOL! Know where your coming from about the Dr. thing, I saw one for a pre-op visit and WOW was he easy on the eyes! Wait till you get down to your goal weight, you start to think of them as the second GOD in your world! Carbs did not sit well with me and still don't all the time, it may be the same for you, so next time go for the cheese or chicken samples instead and hasn't your Mom ever told you NEVER go to the store HUNGRY!!! LOL~~~~ AMY
on 4/7/06 12:53 pm - Cottage Grove, WI
Hey Rondi, Glad to hear that things are going so well. I know what you mean about the docs. I couldn't wait to hug Dr. C after Anne's surgery. WOWZER what a cutie. Dr. J checked Anne out but I didn't feel like I could hug him though, darn. Glad you didn't get sick in the store!!! Enjoy the soft food stage. Priscilla
Princess Kath
on 4/7/06 6:23 pm - camden Sydney (Australia), Australia
Rondi, You always have such interesting posts. I know what you mean about your surgeon. I felt the same way about mine. Before WLS he was the doctor yada yada yada, didnt take much notice as I was so focussed on the surgery. At check up he seemed so much more handsome. I think it must be the hormones or something. Don't get me wrong I have been married to DH for nearly 34 years and I think he is a HOTTIE but I can see why some people have a crush on their doc, psych, teacher etc. especially when they help you. Gosh Rondi, I am starting to ramble. I am still having difficulty knowing what my full feelings are and I have pushed the envelope a few times, but I think it is like learning to ride a bike, a few falls in the beginning and then it becomes second nature. kathleen from down under
Cait C.
on 4/7/06 10:37 pm - Hollywood, FL
Hey Rondi! I'm glad you got the OK to advance your diet. I remember getting that OK was the most exciting thing that happened all week. Then I had this teeny amout of tuna salad for lunch that day and it felt like Thanksgiving dinner (twice) on top of Christmas dinner. Yuck! It was (and sometimes still is) hard for me to recognize the signals coming from my stomach. I will go from hungry to beyond full in about 1/2 a bite. I'm getting better at knowing when to stop, but still have slip-ups. It's so uncomfortable that I try to err on the side of stopping too soon, not too late. The best thing about advancing my diet was not to have everything be sweet. In fact, I was having real salt cravings. (I admit to being a saltaholic.) I also fing some types of food just annoy my stomach more that others. In fact mushy, or thick liquid foods cause more discomfort than solids for me. I understand the feeling of being slightly set adrift when you no longer expect to see the doctor. My DH had cancer about 15 years ago. (He's fine now.) He/we went through a year of surgery, chemo, radiation etc which was a whirlwind and very stressful, and yet, when it was all finished and the doc didn't want to see him for 3 whole months, we sort of felt adrift, without support. This was not true of course, and we got over it, but his weekly presence was sort of a security blanket. You then have to find your way in the world on your own again. You have so many changes coming up in the next few weeks. I'm sure these will be scary, exciting and fun in varying parts. Just keep us informed here so we know what the new place is like! Cait
on 4/8/06 12:15 am - Folsom, CA
Rondi, Wow, congrats on the great post-op visit! I'll bet the ok to start some real food was a thrill. I'm hungry just thinking about a liquid diet! I have a little different take on the doctor thing going on. Between the end of my first marriage and meeting Michael, I had an 18 month relationship with a doctor I had worked with and been best friends with for ten years. It did not end well. Imagine my shock when Dr. Dr. Cirangle walked in looking just like him! Same hair, same look, same physique. That was at the support group meeting. When Michael and I met him in SF it was even more freaky because he was in scrubs and had his long hair loose. I almost called him "John" on more than one occasion. It brought out all kinds of weird emotions. Considering the way the other relationship ended, I am unlikely to fall in love with Dr. C! I hope the sorting and packing are going well. Don't do too much. Just enjoy the journey and new adventures in life! Mary
~Tonya ~
on 4/8/06 1:23 am - Tucson, AZ
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Oh man, I know what you mean about the doctors! I see my surgeon differently now that surgery is over, and he was so kind and patient with my questions and comments at my post of visit. He looked sort of angelic to me. (He has a boyish face.) My real "crush" was my anesthesiologist though. I work with him, (and like 30 others) on a day to day basis, and never thought twice about him. He was nice, and I knew he was good, but that was all. After my surgery he took on the stature of "knight in shining armor" and I even had dreams about him. I still feel a warm fuzzy spot in my heart for him. I guess I was more afraid of the anesthesia than I even realized, and my coworkers said I had a rough time in recovery for about 2 hours, with nausea, and he never left my side. They said he was so concerned and caring. I don't remember much, but it must have soaked in. My husband was in Kuwait during my surgery, so I think it was pretty easy and natural to displace those feelings onto the MD, you know? I have also had a huge crush on my OB doctor during both of my last 2 pregnancies, more so with the twins because I saw him more, and felt more vulnerable too. He is about 400lbs, but cute anyway, and has a great smile and gentle manner. I was head over heels for him! LOL! (And keep in mind, I was never less attractive than when I was pregnant. I looked like the sta-puff marshmallow man!) If he had known he probably would have run straight for the hills! I think we must be drawn to them because they care for us. That brings up powerful emotions. Pretty cool, I think. Tonya
Just Rita
on 4/8/06 4:12 am - West Palm Beach, FL
Hi Rondi, so glad to hear your visit went well. I have my 6 week follow up next week. I'm glad to hear you are hungry and can tolerate food. I'm still not there. Anyway my doctor is much older he's not that cute but I feel immensely safe when I'm with him. He is so confident and he is really tall. He has a commanding "I'm in charge" look about him. I really felt comfortable and even though I had a complicated surgery (It did not go smoothly) His abilities and confidence saved my life. And everytime I talk to him he makes all my worries go away. He has a very calming effect on me. I can't explain it it words. I feel he's more fatherlike. He has a great disposition. I would reccomend him time and time again.
on 4/8/06 4:36 am - Daly City, CA
Hiya Rondi, I am so glad to hear you are doing so well, and can even start to eat a little. thats wonderful! I am interested in what you said about your full feeling not being that diferent than being hungry....whats it like? As far as the dr. normal/dr. hottie discussion goes I think all of that is in keeping with what makes people attractive in general. People that do amazing things, and even more so amazing things that touch you on a personal level, are attractive. People that are super smart, amazing geniouses are attractive - Of course....Make total sense that you would feel a lil tiny something along the lines of " huh! I LUUV my DR" as I have heard almost everyone say about there dr. cus dude just saved your life essentially....k wait im go check em out real quick on the lapsf website...hmm hes ok.....but what do we think of Dr. C? I think he look kinda good......heeeheeee..