2 1/2 yrs-severe stomach pain

on 7/1/06 12:07 pm - Leesburg, GA
Hi everyone, I just found this board and thought someone might have some answers. I am 2 1/2 yrs post op lap gastric rny bypass. I have had occassional severe stomach pains that I can't pinpoint any triggering incident or food. My dr has done EGD, gallbladder ultrasound, Hiata (sp?) scan to test gallbladder function and everything has come back normal. The pain is in the pit of my stomach and around to my back. I double over sometimes. It usually only lasts for a few hours, I have thought it may have been gas because I would go to the bathroom I would feel SOME relief.( I know..too much info-TMI). However, this time I went to lunch at Burger King w/ my father in law on Wednesday and had 1/2 hamburger & maybe 5 onion rings (i know... I usually don't eat fried foods) and had a diet coke over the next couple of hours I developed the same pain, but it became more & more severe. I called my dr, he's out til next week, got a "jerk" of a dr that told me to take more pepcid. I went to the drug store and asked the pharmacist. He told me Gaviscon liquid is fast acting, I took that and ALL of the following, Pepcid complete, GasX,Dulcolax (3),Milk of Magnesia, Nexium, then @ 2:00am after pacing the floors and not sleeping because of severe pain, I sent my hubby to Walmart for an enema & suppositories which did not help, then @ 6:00am he went and got Magnesium Citrate (the kind I had to clean myself out before surgery)I couldn't drink but about 2 oz because it burned when it hit my stomach. Anyway, long story short, by the time I took all of that I thought I would explode!!!! But guess what, it only helped a little. I had to get one of the drs I work w/ to give me a prescription for phenergan which did help me sleep the next night but didn't help the pain. I am now feeling about 80% better but had to eat a scrambled egg & piece of cinnamon toast it seemed to help but has started hurting more today. Anyone have any suggestions about what this could possibly be????
on 7/2/06 1:36 am - Dallas area, TX
I'm not a doctor, but it sounds like it could be an ulcer in your intestine. I'm having this problem now and am taking Carafate, a prescription liquid that helps. Did they rule out an ulcer? Hope you get better. Keep in contact with your doc. Hugs, Connie
on 7/2/06 3:10 am - Daytona Beach, FL
I had it also...more than once....felt like the worst gas I've ever had in my entire life....was in the E R with it once...it felt sometimes like it came in spasms. They can't find it..... My Gastric Surgeon says it is adhesions....and the ONLY way to pinpoint it is to have an X-Ray while you are in the worst pain from it...not a scan...not an MRI...but only an X-Ray....so the next time it happens to me...I'm off to the E R for an X-Ray. Phenegren helped me too.......and it also always started hurting the worst after I ate something..... I didn't have any burning though...and if you are...yep..could be an ulcer. Keep going to the Doc...MAKE them figure it out. Hugs Charlie
Butterfly Reborn
on 7/2/06 4:25 am
Hi! Allow me to clarify.......you doctor is telling you that adhesions will only show on an X-Ray when you're pain? I've had lysis of adhesions twice. They have NEVER showed on ANY test of ANY kind. They were only found through exploratory laparscopic surgery. I recently had an internal hernia repaired. I had every test in the book and that didn't ever show on anything either. Though, it was mentioned to me that some internal hernias can only be found on scans or other tests while in pain; however, some will retract once you lie down and they lay you down for all those test -- so then the point becomes mute. At any rate, the internal hernia and adhesions that I had repaired and removed would have NEVER shown on ANY test. I had three doctors pass me along because, "there is nothing wrong with you." I had to fly back home after a relocation to have my original WLS do the exploratory surgery and fix me. What is so scary is that the bowel was being strangulated and was traumatized. It could have died, become gangrene, and yes it could have even been fatal. There is more information on my profile including links to read about internal hernias and adhesions. Please inform and educate yourself as best as you can so that you can discuss all possibilities and options with your doctors. I hope you all feel better soon! Best, Vanessa
on 7/2/06 4:34 am - Daytona Beach, FL
Hey Vanessa....all I know is what I was told.....didn't make it up.... I was also referred to a gastroenterologist....he did an endoscopy and HE said I had a slight sticture that was causing it....?....and he opened it up some. Damn. BUT...I have to say that was over a year ago...and I have not had the pain since. So I'm still waiting....I was very very concerned about the bowel kink, thats why I went to the ER...of course they gave me drugs...relaxed everything...and all the pain was gone when I woke up from the 'coma'........ If it EVER happens again though...I will be more pro-active....it is very scary and should not be taken lightly....it can be fatal I know. Thanks for the info.... Hugs Charlie
on 7/2/06 5:56 am - Leesburg, GA
Thank you all soooo much, I will be in contact w/ my dr tomorrowand try to be more agressive. The only thing is that I hate, I mean hate to miss work, cause any inconvenience to my husband (his father is ill & he has so much on him already) and drive 3 1/2 hrs to my gastric rny dr for them to find nothing. I was able to have the gallbladder ultrasound & hiata scan done here but the EGD and other visits I had to travel to Birmingham. The dr that did my EGD said my stomach (pouch) looked perfect and no ulcers or even redness. However, I was not hurting by the time the tests were scheduled. So while I am still hurting, I am thinking more and more that it may be a blockage of some sort. I am going to try to get more info on that and suggest something to my dr so he will be more agressive. Thanks again for all the responses.! Georgina
on 7/2/06 12:54 pm - NC
This has happened to me so many times and I get tired of it. First it was diagnosed as 'Esophageal Spasms" two years ago. It was higher in my stomach. There was no rhyme or reason to them starting although stress was a little involved. I now have to carry 2 mg of Valium on me for when I feel things getting a little "tight" I pop one and it relaxes everything. Those are the worst pains ever. I am in the fetal position forever and nearly screaming in pain.. then it just goes away. I have to do the valium as needed for preventive measures. I maybe have to take one a month. However... recently there are other problems. When my appendix ruptured and went septic 6 months ago. No regular gastroenterolgist wanted to deal with me so I had to find a bariatric surgeon to take my appendix out. When they were in there, they noticed that I had a lot of "freely moving intestines" so they decided to "tighten everything up." I have been in sporadic pain ever since. I can no longer take my suppliments. My limited menu of food got pared down even more. I can't even do vegetables without severe pain. The worst thing about this is I will never know what will trigger it. My stomach will swell up to at least someone who is 5-6 months pregnant. For someone who has had a tummy tuck.. that skin gets TIGHT! I really think they messed me up or made the intestines too tight. They have run every test on me known to man and cant find anything. I even had a colonoscopy for goodness sakes. I have severely limited myself to activities. It seems the more I do (gardening, housecleaning etc.. ) the more it swells up. I was very upset when after having another "episode" that surgeon said I was pretty much "FOS." I said, "What is FOS?" He said.. "FUll of ****" like fecal matter. I personally think that they sewed me up so tight (the intestines) that I am having partial blockages. I have now changed over to a very sympathetic surgeon group and they pretty much are just going to go in and do exploratory surgery on me on August 2nd. This pain goes from my lower stomach almost to my pubic bone. It is different from the aforementioned "esophageal spasms" which I have kept at bay. I will let you know what I find. Adhesions do not show up on ANY x-rays or CT scans. I just hope and pray I can get back to "normal." Not being able to do my suppliments and vegetables has made me very weak and fatigued. My guess is that you have some adhesions pulling your intestines and they are getting kinked a bit. My question to you is "does your stomach swell up really badly?" when these episodes happen? Esophageal spasms may be what is causing it and you may need a muscle relaxer PRN (as needed) for when you feel one coming on. They are not sure what causes it. like you said.. it can't be pinpointed. A few others have had that same pain. There is no test to find "esophageal spasms," it is just assumed and if valium or some other low dose muscle relaxer helps.. then that seems to be it. (I always get the lowest dose possible because I don't like the feeling of being "loopy.") This last bit of problems I feel are problems related to when they "tightened my intestines up." I understand I may have been a risk for kinked bowel in the future but I feel a little resentful that they just didn't take my appendix out and just left the rest alone. I don't like living like this and especially without my veggies! I had virtually no problems for 5 years exept for the once yearly spasm which is controlled now but since that last surgery in November (ironically 2 days after my 5 year anniversary) I all of a sudden have severe problems.. hmmmmm.. good luck to you hon and I hope they don't keep happening to you. Mention the possiblity of "esophageal spasms." They seem to hit people 2 to 2 1/2 years out. I have only seen 3 or 4 people on the boards out of 6 years have them. I was the first . Hugs, Dana PS.. after a spasm.. the only thing that felt good to my sensitive pouch was SF jello... and sometimes toast. I know.. YUCK... but your pouchie is very sensitive after these episodes. It wouldn't take much to trigger another one. PSS... I am NOT a doctor.. lol. I am just giving you a possibility.. I KNOW your frustrations after every negative test. You almost PRAY that they will find something wrong just so they can FIX IT! I am EXCITED about my exploratory surgery because I want some relief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on 7/2/06 1:16 pm - Daytona Beach, FL
Maybe thats what happened to me.....when I got the pain....my belly swelled up so bad.....thats why I thought it might be gas.....and when I went to the ER...they gave me some narcotic that relaxed me and put me out....for hours and hours...and when I work up....it was gone.... Hmmmmmm Thanks Charlie
on 7/2/06 1:20 pm - Daytona Beach, FL
One other thing..... My Doc said I DID have adhesions...he said they were from my old Hystericalectomy...and he saw them when he did my bypass....its in my records. So maybe that is it.....hasn't happened in over a year....so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.... Hugs Charlie
on 7/3/06 12:01 pm - NC
Hi sweetie! I am hoping you don't get one again... They are awful!!!!! kisses, Dana
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