Poll: Waist training/Corsets-dangerous?

Dawn Burke
on 11/18/07 10:48 pm - North Bay, Canada
I was wondering what you all think of using a corset for "waist training".  I don't mean going for the extreme 13 inch tube waist...but rather using it for a 4"-6" reduction to bring the waist/hip ratio into line.  I am told that there should be about a 10 inch difference between the waist and hips, and I have only a 5" difference.  ~36w/41h  Anyway...I am wondering about your thoughts on whether it would be dangerous after the DS.  I am 20 months out. Thanks!
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Kathy & Rich
on 11/19/07 1:32 am - Fairfax, VA
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I don't know that there is a correct "should be" - too many factors go into body shape.  Plus, with extra skin... that seriously effects the ratio. I also know a few people who had bowel obstructions after a lower body lift or other plastic tummy surgeries.  Doctor said that having "less space" inside helped to show a problem with the intestine twisting that was lurking in there. I personally would never consciously put something restrictive like this on myself. Kathy
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Nancy B.
on 11/19/07 2:51 am - NJ
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Actually I had been wondering about the effectiveness of herbal body wraps would be in tightening of the skin. this is the website I had found  Shrink Wraps LLC :: Featuring Body Wraps in Woodbury, NJ but was very curious on long term effects if it would require a lifelong commitment or would it maintain the skin after a certain amount of time. Don't know if any studies were done with people with wls and excess skin issues.


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Kathy & Rich
on 11/19/07 3:20 am - Fairfax, VA
RNY on 05/20/05 with
If I remember the hype about body wraps... they push excess fluid out of your body.  Your measurements will be smaller immediately thereafter but once you rehydrate... poof, it's back. At least that's how I remember it from many years ago. Kathy
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Jane Doe
on 11/19/07 6:42 am - Fair Oaks, CA

I agree with Kathy.  The wraps make you smaller for a very short period of time by dehydrating you on purpose.  If you were to use something like this to 'look' smaller, I'd save it for very special occaisions like your wedding day or a reunion.  They don't help you at all long term.  Movie stars use them before red carpet events to fit in their size 0 dresses, for example.

Make sense?

Terri R. R
on 11/19/07 7:30 am - 'bout 45 minutes from San Francisco, CA
I do wear light compression garments (spandex camisole and undies) and I believe they have helped my skin bounce back.  They keep the weight of the extra skin from pulling down and making the "hang" worse.

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Carolyn L.
on 11/19/07 8:48 am - Northborough, MA
I'd have to say wearing a corset or anything beyond light compression could be damaging.  I don't know where you heard there should be a 10" difference.  I have just over a 5" difference and I wear a size 2 or 0 pants.  I just have no hips!  I have a very flat tummy (I work out A LOT and I've had my TT) and my waist-line is as small as it is going to get.  Some of us are just not built with the traditional bigger hips, enjoy it - it makes jean shopping easier.  Don't give yourself an obstruction or some other problem to get what is ideal on someone else's body.  Look at Cameron Diaz - she doesn't have much of a difference between her waist and hips!
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on 11/20/07 1:54 am - erie, PA
IMO I would suggest a under garment like lip o in a box over a corset. Seeing how I worn both and . I love my lipo in a box it does not cost a lot and it can be worn up to 16 hours a day without the pain and suffering. Imo a real custom made corset is not worth the money and the pain and suffering. Back in my great grandmothers day corset where big and the women went as far as to have. There lower ribs removed to have a smaller waist. The reason I can say I would not recomdend (sp) a real custom made corset is because I own two. They cost a lot more than the ones you. See in fredricks of hollywood and victora secrets. They are like a saddle that you have to break in. Plus they start out five inches from not closing and then you work your way up to the point of having it laced nice and tight. To start off you can only stand it for at least two hours and it takes months before you can even wear it up to eight hours. Yes they give you a hour shape figure. But here are some of the disadvantages. If not fitted right they dig in the skin and leaves marks.Plus you have to watch how you sit in them because they lift your breast up to your chin. When you are in a sitting position. Plus once you take it off you have awful stomach pain that make you wish you where dead. And make you wonder why the heck you even put the thing on in the first place. Even thou some say you need a large amount of different between your waist and hips that is not true. I say that because at the time. I was wearing mine. My waist was 60 inches and my hips where a 64. And they where able to fit it just right. It all depends on how bad they want your business. Trust me there are days since my surgery that . I wish I had a custom made corset. And every time I go to get fit for one it brings back all of the awful memories. Of the awful pain and suffering that I went thur before my surgery. And trust me it did not trim my waist by any means. That was my hope that it would so I would not have to have surgery. But instead it caused more problems than what it was worth now that I look back. On those days of wearing one all of the time. Plus beside the awful stomach pains it also made you feel like you broke you ribs. I hope this helps. And have a wonderful day. Taichi
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