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Vitamin B12, B6 injections

on 11/21/07 9:35 am
Any long term post ops taking injections for B12, B6? RD's - your thoughts on injections?   There is a weight loss clinic here that offers them.  Three x's a week, for about $180/mo.  A lot of people are losing a lot of weight with the injections.  I currently am not taking my vitamins.  I know, I know.  Anyone taking the injections and see a difference?  Also, do hospitals offer them for cheaper?  Also, I am not willing to inject myself, nor do I want any other family or friend to.  Thanks!
Kathy & Rich
on 11/21/07 9:52 am - Fairfax, VA
RNY on 05/20/05 with

I cannot image how taking these injections would spur weight loss.    Seems like another diet "gimick" to me. If you are a post-op... you really need to take your vitamins.  Please do not put yourself at risk getting permanent nerve damage in feets and hands, being anemic and so many other health issues. Kathy

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Kathy & Rich
on 11/21/07 9:58 am - Fairfax, VA
RNY on 05/20/05 with
Looking around the web... it looks like the injections from diet centers are not just the vitamins.  They may include something called lipotronic or something called hcg. 400 Good luck, Kathy
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Patti C.
on 11/21/07 10:48 am - Bel Air, MD
Hi... I am over 2 years post-op and inject myself with B12 monthly for a total cost of the injection, needles and alcohol pads no more than $35/YEAR!  The injections, done yourself, are not as bad as you might think. Patti
on 1/29/08 6:07 am - Canada
Hello Patti, I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and cannot locate a b12 supplier.  There is a doctor in Ontario but that is 6hours from Montreal. Can you tell me please where you got your supplies?
on 5/11/12 11:27 am - Canada
 Hi Donna-W, I also live in Montreal and am interested in the B-12. Let me know if you get any info. Thanks
on 6/16/12 9:37 pm - Canada
Hi there, I get my B6 and B12 injectables at  a Pharmacy in Vancovuer, you don't need a prescription.
It costs about $40 for 30 ml B12 and $50 for B6 30 ml and 3 shots a week can last up to 3 months.  Much cheaper than the diet clinics.  I do it myself.
Hope this helps.
on 6/10/13 10:13 pm - Canada

Hi Valencia12345 I live in Toronto Ontario, is there anyway I can get them to ship the injection to me in Toronto? Can you please give me the telephone number of that Pharmacy in Vancouver so i can ask them if they can send it to me here in Toronto I will kindly appreciate your help Thank you....... 

on 6/12/13 11:46 am

In toronto you can get your dr to prescribe the med for you and teach you to give your own injections. Also what tyoe of sypplement are you taking for your protien and other supplements I know these are very expensive over time, I am considering having the vsg surgery in the usa or mexico and i have found a great supplement company that has great products and they taste good, I am starting them now to help get healthier before surgery. you can email me at

on 7/26/13 7:25 pm

Hello, do you put both the B6 and B12 in one injection? How much of each? The syringes that I bought are 3ml.

Thanks for your help.


on 3/21/14 8:49 am
How do you get both b12 and b6 in the same syringe?
Weston and Gage's
Gr M

on 11/21/07 12:01 pm - O'Neill, NE
I go once a month to my clinic here and get an injection. It costs me 66 cents. I cannot even imagine it costing that much. Rhonda
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on 11/21/07 12:10 pm
LOL .66 cents?  That's comical.  Now, I feel like I would be getting ripped off.  Thanks for the insight!
on 11/21/07 1:48 pm - Puyallup, WA
RNY on 10/05/94
My B12 runs $2.71 for 12 shots. I pay about 4/$1 for syringes. We do them weekly here.

B6 can be high in our population and it's the only B vite that can actually make you feel BAD if too high for prolonged time.

If you do this? Please be sure your B6 levels are being measured often.

No such thing as too high B12, tho. But dang, even if you buy the veterinary b complex, it's still going to run about $5/yr for the serum and whatever you pay for syringes. So, I'm thinking $20/yr to give yourself B complex shots.

Even when I bought my rx B12 at Costco, w/o insurance, it was $7 for a 30-shot vial.

See the pattern? Should be cheap, cheaper, cheapest.

RNY, distal, 10/5/94 

P.S.  My year + long absence has NOTHING to do with my WLS, or my type of WLS. See my profile.

on 11/24/07 2:57 am - San Ramon, CA
I'm wondering how much vit B12, & B 6 can the body absorb at one time? Annie


on 1/7/08 6:21 pm - Havertown, PA
Yes, B12 and B6 injections can be given by your doctor and you should just have to pay a copay if you have health insurance. B12 and B6 does help with weight loss, I'm not sure if it's supposed to be drastic. When I had a difficult time loosing, I found all that all of my vitamin levels were deficient and once I recv injections I felt better and began to loose. I do not think you should be paying $180 a month however. You can buy a good brand of B12 and B6 and take maybe higher doses.  Granted, there are things that help us loose weight but there is usually a gimmick with these things these days. Take the good information and tailor it to you! Let me know how you make out. Yours in health, Samaria
on 7/9/12 10:44 am
i would like to find out how many times a week  do i nned to inject my self with b6 and b12 and hot much  do i need to mix them together please help me .
on 4/17/08 9:15 am
The B12 diet, which is based around b12 injections is a little expensive, but it certainly works! I can't find a clinic where I live now, but when I was stationed in VA I went to two different ones. One right after I had my son, and lost 45 pounds; and another about a year later and lost another 50. The b12 isn't what makes you lose the weight though. It's a combination of appetite suppression, water pills, strict diet and exercise regimen, and then they give the b12 shots for energy and as a support device. It's really just to keep you from feeling fatigued and worn down by the cut in calories.