Five-Day Pouch Reset?

on 12/4/07 4:45 am - Calimesa, CA
I saw a post on my anniversary forum about how some of you are "resetting" your pouches.  I had my surgery over two years ago, and now over the past few weeks I have started gaining weight, even though I am not doing anything different food-wise.  No, I'm not exercising, but I never really did (I know, bad girl), but I'm going to jioin Curves and do that on my lunch hour.  However, I do think I am able to take in more food then I probably should, so any help you can offer would be vastly appreciated.  Thanks in advance!
Robin W.
on 12/4/07 5:27 am - Franklin, OH

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Tracy B
on 12/4/07 6:02 am - Erie, PA
I have done the 5dpt twice over the last few months and was very happy with it. Good Luck if you decide to give it a try!

~*~Tracy B~*~

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on 12/4/07 6:17 am - Calimesa, CA
Thank you very much!  I am excited to do the 5-day pouch test!  And thanks for not slapping me around on the exercise issue.  I'm joining tomorrow, pinky swear  ;)
Matt x.
on 12/13/07 2:26 am - AR
    Thanks for the post.  I am going to a holiday weekend in Nashville this weekend and I am worried about over indulging.  I am starting this 5 day right now.  I will have plenty of protein to eat off of all the buffets and having the 5 day restart will be a good goal.  Lately I feel like I can eat a very large amount of food and I am afraid I need to get back on track.