hot lemon water for water retention!It works!!!!!

Debra Welker
on 12/26/07 10:19 pm - Kaukauna, WI
Yesterday on Yahoo news page they had a write up on ways to get back on track. They said to drink boiled water with lemon slices.for water retention. I tried it and it really worked, I spent alot of time in the bathroom and the scale was down this morning. I kept a cup of 3-4 lemon slices available all day and would fill it with water and stick it in the microwave. I must have drank at least 5 cups along with my normal amount of water. Its really good and goes down easy.This would be good when doing the 5dpt also.  Hope this helps, Debra
Kathy & Rich
on 12/26/07 10:42 pm - Fairfax, VA
RNY on 05/20/05 with
Lemon juice in water also helps to prevent kidney stones too because of the citric acid.  We had a urologist come in to speak to us at our WLS support group and that was his recommendation - 1 ounce of lemon juice in water a couple of times a day. Kathy
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on 6/11/10 9:36 pm - Singapore

Friends, as for me I squeeze 5 lemons and add 700ml of water into it and drink it anytime I need to drink,no coffee,tea,soft drinks ,shakes etc. It's really works like a master cleanse to my body plus cycling and working at the Gym 14kg lose with less than 1 month post op VSG is consider fantastic!!

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Debra Welker
on 12/26/07 10:57 pm - Kaukauna, WI
Thanks Kathy, im sure we will find the lemon water helps for alot of things.
Ruth A.
on 12/27/07 9:44 am - Letchworth Garden City, UK
I drink boiled water all the time now.  I gave up hot tea and coffee a couple of months ago when I did the 5 day plan and had such withdrawals fomr the caffeine I decided to stick with ho****er for the most part.  I do enjoy a latte from time to time as an occassional treat though. I am going to add lemon now after reading your post - thanks.  Interesting reading
on 12/27/07 11:28 pm
I have an aunt who will swear that lemon water shrinks your stomach...and she's been saying that since I was a kid!  I wonder if the True Lemon packets will work the same?  Lemons are getting pretty pricey and the local Albertson's had the packets on clearance--so I bought everyone I could find! 
Debra Welker
on 12/28/07 12:04 am - Kaukauna, WI
I would think lemon juice would work the same.
on 12/28/07 6:42 am
TrueLemon is a powder packet made from lemons with added maltodextrin.
on 12/28/07 2:55 am - Dallas, TX

Do you think homemade fresh lemonade would work? 

Many Blessings
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on 5/20/17 6:37 pm

while drinking the hot lemon water, are we still running back and forth to the restroom like itis when we take lasix?