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what does ketosis mean and how do you put your body in it?

Debra Welker
on 1/27/08 9:15 pm - Kaukauna, WI
I have seen alot of post about putting your body into ketosis. Im not sure what that means or how to go about doing it or if its good to do it.Debra
Dana H.
on 1/28/08 12:23 am - Elmo, MT
You cut your carbs down ALOT and raise your Protein intake.  Your body will begin to burn stored fat insted of the food you are eating.  I notice I am in it when my mouth tastes like .  Its the same thing that people who are on atkins are pushing for.  If you still have a gall bladder you need to pay attention to risk of gall stones.  I am 6 years out and didn't think I could go into ketosis and I did when I started the 5dpt.  I need to stay in it for a while to loose again.
Back on Track Dana
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.Anita R.
on 1/28/08 2:12 am - Stafford, VA
They sell ketosis urine test strips in the pharmacies at grocery stores (diabetic supplies)...They are expensive...Right after surgery I kept track with the strips. I knew if I was in Ketosis, I would have a loss!  A lot of diabetics have ketosis as a problem...and for the most part it is a problem. It's normal though during the beginning of WLS...After all...that fat melts off to somewhere...that's where it goes, in the toilet.  I'm on day 4 of the 5DPT and I have no idea if I am or not, but I definately smell something oddly and vaguely familiar in the bathroom...proteins Anita
Dana H.
on 1/28/08 6:39 am - Elmo, MT
Hi Anita,  at lunch I bought the strips and did my first test and it showed Trace to small amounts,  Do you remember what the levels should be?  I have never done these strips and relied on the taste in my mouth to tell me.  I eat more on the weekends so I am sure that is why my levels are low today. Thanks
Back on Track Dana
preop 316, low post op 166, 200 regain, 189 now, 165 goal    
.Anita R.
on 1/29/08 12:31 am - Stafford, VA
  Dana, Are they still expensive? I remember they were like 10-15 dollars for a 100 strip bottle. (lasted about a month for me...because I tested everytime I was in the bathroom...It was exciting! I don't remember what the ranges were, but the ones I used had a color code...on the jar itself and when I turned them burgandy I was dumping fat by the gallons (Over exaggeration, but maybe not)...and I would surely have weight loss... The lighter pink they got , the slower the weight loss. It really helped me to know if I was eating too many carbs because of course your body burns first what you eat and carbs are it's favorite fuel...So if you are eating too many carbs and not burning stored fat, you won't show any signs on the test strip. When there are no carbs in your meals or in your body (as with the 5DPT) you burn stored fat. When you are lean and your body goes into Ketosis, you are burning muscle and that is starvation. That is why ketones are not a good sign for diabetics and they must monitor their ketones...If you are showing any ketones at all, you're doing good...Burning fat. Does that make sense?  Anita
Dana H.
on 1/29/08 1:49 am - Elmo, MT
Thank you Anita.  I bought a jar of 50 and it was like $7.  I will only test one time a day during the week.  I will leave them at work so they should last awhile.  Did you make an appointment yet?  Make sure they check your Iron levels.
Back on Track Dana
preop 316, low post op 166, 200 regain, 189 now, 165 goal    
.Anita R.
on 1/29/08 3:49 am - Stafford, VA
Dana, I'm so yet on the appointment...I want to have all the tests that  I need ready for the doctor. I went to Borders last night to find it in a book I saw online, but there was nothing. I have to do some research...I might post a question to see what others have done. I just want to be prepared...One thing that will discourage me is a doctor that shows no signs of care or knowledge...and if I'm going to get that...Then one of us is going to care and be knowledgeable...ME if not the doctor.   BTW, I meant to tell you that I love your avatar photo...You look so glam!  Good luck...on your weight loss...I only weigh myself once a week or if I feel a change. I want to weigh myself at the end of this week. I feel great though...the 5DPT is awesome. I'm on day 5 now and did very well. I feel good results. I'm definately back on track thanks to all of you guys and gals! Anita
Ruth A.
on 1/28/08 6:04 am - Letchworth Garden City, UK
Is it healthy to be in ketosis?  What figures should the carbs and proteins be to go into it?  I would like to get my body to lose again - it's been stuck for a while so this is why I am interested.  Do you count calories too? Sorry for all the questions, thanks for the answers
on 1/29/08 12:04 am - Grove City, Ohio, OH
Ketosis (pronounced /kiːˈtoʊsɪs/) is a stage in metabolism occurring when the liver converts fat into fatty acids and ketone bodies which can be used by the body for energy Most medical resources regard ketosis as a physiological state associated with chronic starvation Excess ketone bodies will slowly decarboxylate into acetone. That molecule is excreted in the breath and urine ( thus the stinky breathe) Other great web sites -and-ketosis.htm My only caution is drink lots of water when in ketosis, as it makes our kidneys work harder.
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Dana H.
on 1/29/08 1:52 am - Elmo, MT
Here is a link to my question on the nutritionist forum,  Maybe that would help you.,messageboard/b oard_id,5389/cat_id,4989/topic_id,3512931/action,replies/pag e,1/#27536431 Dana
Back on Track Dana
preop 316, low post op 166, 200 regain, 189 now, 165 goal